Side Mission Contest a First for Entertainment

Defiance title card

— New York, NY

Today Syfy announced that the second season of the Defiance Syfy TV show will be produced by the most dedicated player of Trion Worlds’ video game of the same name.

By studying the game’s terrain thoroughly, one lucky player will eventually find her/his way to the key to open the Producers Compound. Then, once the Compound itself is discovered, the winning player will enter into a hidden side mission that will give the player control over the series for a complete season.

“Once a player unlocks that compound,” explained Rockne S. O’Bannon, executive producer of the show, “I’m no longer top dog. I will start taking orders from them.”

News of the existence of the “Producers Compound” side mission closely follows the announcement of the Defiance “Most Wanted” contest, which allows players to compete for an acting spot on the show. The press release for the contest called it “just the beginning of the Entertainment events coming as the game will continually … connect the two media worlds.”

Sources close to the series say the entire Syfy network will be populated and run by gamers by 2015.

*Please note that article is satirical in nature and in no way is meant to be taken seriously…seriously. 

Kent Roberts

Kent Roberts is a writer and father. He has contributed to numerous publications, including The Onion (regularly) and Laugh Lines (The NY Times). His website is He lives in St. Petersburg, Florida.