It looks like my worst fears are bubbling to the surface. One of my most beloved pass-times, I cringe, is drawing to a close. Over the better part of the last two years, I have enjoyed a virtual tour of duty as a decorated Recon officer, providing valuable intel to our air and ground troops. My airborne mobile aerial vehicle (MAV) is the high-tech fly on the wall of our enemies, while my spawn beacon mysteriously injects friendly troops behind congested enemy lines.  Me? I’m the “running Sniper” the type who hits the ground hard and fast with short-midrange pistols and long-range semi-auto high-powered distance ordinances. But my skills are no longer needed in the bullet riddled world of Battlefield 3. Because it’s time to for Battlefield 4.

EA DICE allowed 17 long intense minutes of in-game footage, to break the surface from its murky depths of development. Battlefield 4 is set to launch in the all too soon Fall 2013 and it’s looking quite pretty, thanks to the new Frostbite 3 engine. There is talk of a more open single player and bringing the best elements of multiplayer to the solo campaign. I’ve heard buzz about underwater excursions and the ability to issue squad commands in single player. Nothing on multiplayer had been revealed.

But if you’re lookning try before you buy. EA DICE offers a few ways to gain access to the Battlefield 4 beta

There are a number of ways to get into this Beta: By pre-ordering the Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe Edition on, by being a Battlefield 3: Premium member, and by being a registered owner of Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition


Shawn Sanders

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