The lucky PlayStation 3 stalwarts will undoubtedly be too busy to read this particular post–and for good reason. Battlefield 3 End Game, the latest morsel of DLC to hit the franchise juggernaut, has just landed. But only PS3 owners who purchased Battlefield 3 Premium are allowed entry into this new content update, which DICE says “focuses on speed”. You know, air-dropped vehicles and the inclusion of high-speed motorcycles, will do that for the best case of lethargic gameplay. So while the Sony supporters are off doing their best Evil Kenievel-meets-Mad Max impressions, lets talk about what the rest of us virtual soldiers can expect when End Game reaches its namesake later in the month.

Battlefield 3 End Game brings 4 new maps – Sabalan Pipeline is warm summer map. It’s smaller and lends itself to vehicles and infantry skirmishes.  Nebandan Flats is a more sweltering desert locale. Operation Riverside is our new autumn map and Kiasar Railroad is a verdant green springtime environment. Each is laid out with speed as the pervading aim. We’ll find plenty of jumps for our two-wheeled rockets to take flight while the soldier riding B*tch takes aim. New weapons, new assignment to unlock said weapons and new vehicles are all en route, including two new jeeps with AA turrets mounted to them.

Check this out. I’m one of many who love Battlefield 2142 and this easter egg may hint at a return to the sci-fi landscape for the series. Looks great and here’s hoping…

Battlefield 3 End Game is available now for PS3 owners of BF3 Premium. The DLC drops for Windows  Xbox 360 Premium owners March 12th and the rest of the world will have to wait until March 26th.

Shawn Sanders

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