Are you even the slightest bit interested in a fantastic new game that costs $0.00 to obtain? This is a PC-only title that, as you can tell from the above video, is not your typical MMO. This ain’t WoW! Combat is skill-based and super fast-paced. I’m talking about FireFall. This weekend Red5 is inviting all worthy and eager Battleframe pilots to come try out their new MMOFPS. It’s another huge Open Beta test for FireFall and you’re invited. Sign up here!

That said, sadly, I haven’t reported on this one in quite a long time and I apologize profusely. This is a marvel game and completely FREE TO PLAY. I’ve been too busy playing FireFall to write about it at length—more so now! The game has spiraled into a delightfully complex and addictive game and again, it’s Free-2-Play.

This weekend’s open beta brings more than just previously barred admittance. Red5 says,

Additionally, throughout the weekend, players who take part in our Beta Weekend will unlock an exclusive in-game decal for use on their many Battleframes! To get your exclusive decal, all you have to do is log in during the Beta Weekend.  Following the Beta Weekend, you’ll be able to obtain your badge of honor at the New You station in-game.

Shawn Sanders

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