Defiance Beta Announced – Play The Game And Change The Direction Of Defiance SyFy TV Show (Video)

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3 Comments to Defiance Beta Announced – Play The Game And Change The Direction Of Defiance SyFy TV Show (Video)

  1. Todd Perry

    I am a beta tester started today. I have tested a lot of games.
    believe me when I say that this game is no where near ready for a
    release in April, it has months of testing and bugs to be fixed before
    its ready to go public. I would post this on their forums but for some
    reason us beta testers can not post on the Defiance website. It
    will be a good game when it comes out but one draw back is it has a
    store where you have to use real money, so players with a lot of money
    will have a large advantage over non money users like other games with a
    in game store front.

    • Phantom Samurai

      If you were a real tester like I am you would know that this build we are playing is in fact a old build use solely for stress testing. Also the store does use real momey and in game currancy to only buy cosmetic items and small xp boosts and all the items sold on the store can also be had from lock boxes and from in game vendors.

    • You also subjected yourself to a non-disclosure agreement when you signed up for the beta. Good job violating that, Todd!

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