Here is a glimpse into the magic behind mighty CryEngine 3 engine. The ever exuberant Sean Tracy, Crytek’s Field Application Engineer is center stage demoing, in immense detail, a lot of the glorious bells and whistles of the new engine. This is the very same engine running Crysis 3, which is set to launch next month.

Sean runs down a lot of geek tech and heady dev jargon so feel duly warned of such. Nonetheless, some of this is really exciting stuff. The demo goes over things like columetric fog, advancements in particle effect, lighting and shading, soft body physics and so much more. Of particular interest for console gamers is the new PADM system. This is Crytek’s own tessellation replacement called Pixel Accurate Displacement Mapping. This makes way for quick rendering of highly complex cuts and grooves found on surface textures, such as wrinkles and inconsistencies in a person’s face or on tree trunk.

All this will be released to modders and is also running in Crysis 3, which you can play later today in the Multiplayer Open Beta event.

Shawn Sanders

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