The games industry is gearing up for one hell of a violent holiday season. Ballistic death is the gift that keeps on giving, well unless you’re dead of course. Ubisoft’s inbound first-person shooter – Far Cry 3 is looking to be one nice bit of digital candy come this December 4th (this Friday Nov 30 in UK). It’s another open-world take on the franchise. But this time things have been kicked up a notch.

Today Ubisoft just shot out a nice bit of visual media for the impending title. This trailer highlights a completely separate cooperative campaign. It’s set 6-months before the single player story begins and stars 4 protagonist (I use the term very loosely)–quartet of ne’re-do-wells, crooked cops and gangster types. Team play is essential to succeed. So grab a friend and make sure you “Stick together like a nuns knees.” There’s a visual! Thanks, Ubisoft. Oy!

Far Cry 3 will available on November 29th (EU) Nov. 30th (UK) and December 4th (US).

Source | Via: Rock Paper Shotgun

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