We try not to stuff the site with a ton of useless game trailers and info, but every once and a while a game comes along that calls to us, sings to us and warrants a post.  L.A. Noire fit that bill and so does “Dead Island”.  The trailer is gruesome yet provides enough of an emotive experience to hold out for the game’s release later this year.

According to IGN the deets are few and far between, but they have been able to tell us it is a story based game that allows cooperative play of up to 4 players that can drop in and out as they see fit.  Alternatively, players can go at the game solo.  Apparently, you’ll start out as an everyday layman tourist and along the way acquire zombie murdering skills that are routed in a sort of mini role-playing system built into the game.

Unfortunately, this trailer doesn’t show any actual game play, but we’re hearing that it will be more realistic in terms of weaponry.  What’s that mean?  You won’t happen to stumble upon an M16 or a box of grenades as you hustle down the beach trying to avoid a horde of zombies.  Instead, you’ll reach for axes, knives, pipes and other melee weapons.  With that said, though, it does illicit a point of concern.  Will the game be redundant and how quickly will chopping into zombies, however much they splatter and explode, grow boring?

Anyway, no sense in pontificating about the unknown, but one thing is for sure, we’re anxiously awaiting the second trailer and with it some actual game play and details about the story, features and you know, all that gory jazz.

Dead Island will launch for the Xbox 360 and PS3


Christen Costa

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