‘Red Dead Redemption: Outlaws To the End Co-Op Mission Pack’ Now Available

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Red Dead Coop Game Play-3
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15 Comments to ‘Red Dead Redemption: Outlaws To the End Co-Op Mission Pack’ Now Available

  1. JonMarston

    Hey guys i downloaded the “outlaws to the end co-op pack” but i dont know how to access it. it shows up in downloadable content but i dont know how to use it.

  2. Having major problems. Even for single player. After the DLC and last game update, I have been struggling non-stop. This reminds me of when GTAIV came out. I have not played anything else since this game came out. Shame.

  3. Geckodole

    everything was fine for me until yesterday i downloaded the “outlaws til the end” now i have all the same issues as everyone else. Does anyone know if they are going to fix this? It's *ucking annoying as hell. Went from loving this game to hating it. I can't see if PS3 or Rockstar have even acknowledged the glitch.

  4. To help get your foot in the door first start a single player game. Hit the start button and then go to multiplayer, and select a private session. From the private session select whatever game option you are looking for ie, Free For All, Coop Missions Etc. Then once in a private session of your desired game type, hit select again and select switch to public mode. This has been working for me although it is a huge pain.

  5. No NPCs whatsoever meaning that gang hideouts are just completed with EXP but horses can't be summoned and other players can't be seen or hurt. Sometimes deaths bring indefinate load times. Same issues everywhere as far as I'm aware.

  6. having the same problem ,, BUT i got stuck in a glich which begain to rank me up at solomon folly

  7. Hawllaballa Wes

    Experiencing all the same issues here in SLC, UT, USA on XBOX LIVE…really a shame that Microsoft/RDR/MW2 directors/developers/managers can't get their crap together regarding the simple economics of matching supply of IT infrastructure & sound code with demand of gamers playing the millions plus copies of their software. Oh well..use to it…and patch will be sent out soon and within 12-24 hours it'll be playable agains at least. :)

    • Oakleywhalen

      yeah,its taking forever load for me too,and once it does it'll just pause,try doing it in private mode,i havent done it yet but its the only thing i can think of right now.and if you do get it to work online you probably wont see any other players,because i wasnt seeing any either.

    • Erikndallas

      at first i got into free roam and other players weren't visible where they should be according to the map – then I couldn't summon my horse – powered off PS3, powered back on – then all seemed ok for awhile – then had the horse problems again and took forever to go to a new free roam session. I created a new user where the mission pack wasn't installed – i can't get into free roam at all – just keeps searching or whatever – maybe getting locked up – i don't know – this sux.

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