final fantasy iphone

For those of you who count yourselves as classic gamers, or just plain enthusiasts of same, you will be unquestionably happy to hear that Final Fantasy–yes, the original!–will be coming to the iPhone.

And on the off chance that that’s not enough for you, then surely you’ll be made to smile by the news that Final Fantasy 2 will also be coming.

It IS officially confirmed via Square-Enix’s Twitter, not to mention their Facebook, but the sad news is that no one knows what they’ll be asking in terms of price, or when it’s coming out.  This sadness really isn’t that sad, though–for most gamers, as long as the answer is “before I die”, the exact release date isn’t that relevant as long as they know about a week in advance so they can get their hands on it.  Same goes for price, except here, the magic answer is “less money than I currently have”.

So iPhone gamers, you’ve got yet another reason to be feeling your retro mojo–there are plenty on iPhone as it is, and this is just one more great one.