I’ll say it right now that I have not been following the development of Mass Effect 2. I was thoroughly disappointed in the first installment and couldn’t even play through it.  Despite my disdain for this game this is an important nugget of gaming news.

EA will be releasing Mass Effect 2 to the salivating masses on January 26th in the US with Europe to follow on the 29th.  Alongside this news is the announcement of some free bonus content if you pre-order ME2 in the form of a downloadable code once you bring the game home on launch day.

The content is split up between some select retailers.  Most will receive codes for an “Inferno Armor” (pictured above), while pre-order content masters GameStop will get codes for the “Terminus Armor” (pictured below) as well as the M-490 Blackstorm Heavy Weapon.  No word as to if this content will be accessible at any point to gamers who opt to not pre-order ME2.



Jeff B