Gaming Rumor: Assassin’s Creed 3 To Be Set In Feudal Japan?

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93 Comments to Gaming Rumor: Assassin’s Creed 3 To Be Set In Feudal Japan?

  1. If this game was planned to be a trilogy I would really want to see this game set in the present or near future. Probably a more high-tech costume and gadget for Desmond. I can't imagine how the sequel above can culminate the storyline of the present. I also hope they can explain how the hell an Italian ancestor can have ancestors reaching up to Japan because this has been one of the most obvious arguments of the DNA memory concept: precursors with no direct genetic link to a ancestor. i.e. You simply cannot inherit the memories of you in-laws. lol

  2. I don't think any of you get it. As much as you all want feodal Japan and India, it will never happen (if it does, it would be more than illogical).

    Assassin's Creed is about the fight between Templars and Assassins. Templars are those who fought for the christianism. There were no such religion in feodal Japan and India (for the Japanese, the religion was taioism while it was hindouism for the Indian people). As of now, the only places that would make sense would be western Europe (such as France and England), the polar circle and early-America.

    • Think again.Friend there is an era at Japan where Catholics are being prosecuted and being killed by means of torture before ^^ take for example ST. Lorenzo Ruiz that died at japan. Courtesans can be Geishas ^^ Mercenaries can be samurais ^^ theives can be ninja or plain thieves ^^Also remember the truth in AC2 what could be the mt. where it is viewed awe O.o the mountain in the video bears a striking resemblance to Mount Kilimanjaro and fuji ^^ near eden

  3. My idea for AC3: Feudal Japan seems a firm favourite, even with myself. I also think that Colonial India (so 1880's) where the British Empire (obviously Templar allied) are searching for pieces of Eden by invading the Indian states. Imagine trying to assassinate an Indian prince riding on a huge elephant and construction of the Indian railway would make free running interesting. Could end with the assassin having to infiltrate Victorian London to steal a piece of eden from Buckingham Palace or something.

  4. They are NOT called the Ninja, they are called the shinobi.

    I think the game will be set during the Sengoku period (1467-1573)

    The functions of the shinobi included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, as well as open combat in certain situations. Their weapons included are: the Katana, ninjatō (Short Sword), shuriken (throwing blades), makibishi (like three-corner jacks) happō (similar to a smoke bomb), and of course… the old favourite, two blades hidden in the scallops that are attached to separated bracers.

    Pretty sweet, eh?

  5. Smeagolshelob02

    I think it'll be set in Japan because of Subject 16's cryptic messages he left behind at the end of the first game.

    That, and if you know a bit of Japanese mythology, you'll know that it says that there was once an island civilization that was lost beneath the ocean many, many years ago, off the coast of Japan. This could very well be the island that we (present day) have come to know as “Atlantis”. This could alternatively be the “Eden” civilization that we see Adam and Eve in at the end of the second game.

    • Antlatis was located between the American continent and the European/African continent, in the Antlatic Ocean (thus the name “Antlatis”), so what you are implying doesn't make any sense. Japan is on the coast of the Pacific ocean, not the Antlatic.

      • I Agree to jaMES only one thing MU Continent is near coast of Japan A Lost COntinent Like Atlantis ^^

  6. Personally: Nuts to Japan. Nuts to WWII, unless it's OFF BATTLEFIELD. I say: The best option is to set it during the Industrial Revolution. That's a rare time period for video gaming, and it fits the Assassin's Creed theme of being at a time of giant economic and social changes in a region. (Crusades in the Middle East in 1, Italian Renaissance for 2.

  7. Personally: Nuts to Japan. Nuts to WWII, unless it's OFF BATTLEFIELD. I say: The best option is to set it during the Industrial Revolution. That's a rare time period for video gaming, and it fits the Assassin's Creed theme of being at a time of giant economic and social changes in a region. (Crusades in the Middle East in 1, Italian Renaissance for 2.

  8. japan for sure, it would be great if they showed how the Assassin Order has spread all over the world, and even to Asia. Also, wouldnt it be awesome if you could play at being a ninja? XD

  9. its a great game and i totally love medieval Europe but i hope it takes place in japan cuz i want to kill some samurai! oh yeah, and Dragoniel Europe's not plain or boring.its the greatest place ever. trust me, i know.

  10. chance moore

    I'm sorry to inform you that considering that AC1 and AC2 take place in Europe, and that Desmond doesn't look the slightest bit asian, AND that ubisoft is already working on AC3 taking place in WWII (whitch i believe completely sucks. should totally be during french rev), i find it HIGHLY unlikely that AC3 will be in feudal japan.

    • Dragoniel

      Oh well, no Japan then. In any case, WWII sounds exciting. It seems we will get to shoot while running on some rooftops and riding vehicles instead of horses – can't say that sounds boring. Let's wait and see.

      But damn, speaking of which – I was hoping for a better implemented horses next game. As in with ability to keep one and use in cities as your own. Their model and controls are very realistic, the best I've seen in videogames so far. So much untapped potential…

    • ChanceMooreDoesntKnowShit

      except Assassin's creed 1 doesnt take place in europe. it takes place in the middle east (jerusalem, damascas, etc). just saying..

  11. Dragoniel

    Well, Assassins Creed II is out now and I think that we can all agree, that it's pretty much the best in it's genre.

    As for the third part I would really love Japan setting. Europe is plain and boring (as I'm an European myself) while Japan pretty alien, while being very well known for their ways of martial arts and the famous art of sword crafting at the same time. It would be so cool to learn the history of that place, of samurais and of ninja clans (what better setting for an assassins story?) as well as to swing some of those famous swords known as “katana” – there are still so little games boasting a good swordplay.

  12. Japan would be pretty cool as far a weapons go, but what would you leap off of? I can only think of so many tall structures in Japan before the late 19th century.

  13. well you need to be and ancestor of desmond right? so what if you’re one of his ancestors who goes to china or japan and trains to be a ninja or something like that. idk i just hope its not in the modern day city with guns and dumb stuff like that.. as other people said leave that to grand theft auto.

  14. no to Japan, no to China, no to a present day american city, leave that to gta, no to the world wars. imagion this: it’s 1850’s London, in the prime of the brittish industrial revolution, a new assassin distantly related to Desmond finds himself stuck in the middle of a huge conspiracy against the queen, and parliament…. Climbing Big Ben, St Pauls cathedral, tower bridge, buckingham palace etc. This would make a truly great game!

  15. Japan would be kind of meh for me…I got over my NINJAS ARE AWESOME phase around the same time I started getting facial hair, and there’s been tons of games set in feudal Japan.

    Medieval Europe – would be hard to seperate it from all the hundreds of medieval fantasy titles already out there. The Ye Olde England setting (or versions of it) has been done to death too.

    Like someone said above, ancient Egypt would be really different and interesting. Or maybe 19th/20th century India. I can’t think of many games with Gandhi in them.

  16. For those claiming “you could be a Ninja or a Samurai”,

    Samurai’s do not jump on rooftops, assassinating targets. They honorable, battlefield, family/ clan members who fight as a whole or 1v1.

    Ninja’s however fit the job description, maybe a Ronin!

  17. Why can’t you people open up to the fact that it might be in Monderday America, the main character will be Desmond, you know the desendant of both Altiar and Ezio, it will be set in the Entire world you will be finding temples and things to save the world from a repeated apocalypse that destroyed the beings that created the “Apples” (Pieces of Eden) in the first place

  18. Jean Claude Pierre

    I’m a former ubisoft employee recently working on ac3. the game will suprisingly be set in germany. You will be a german assassin trying to kill the leaders of your rome as the romans occupy lots of your country. Your name will be Hanzel Shlieffen.

  19. WWII would be a terrible idea for the AC series. Every WWII game has such a regurgiatated feel to it. Feudal Japan would also be a bad idea. I admit that the architecture and overall culture of feudal japan is interesting, but moving the game from the classic European setting it has had in the first two games to a classical Asian environment would be semi-blasphemous. By the way, the game is called Assassin’s Creed not Ninja’s Creed. The next installment should include more of Desmond and stay in Europe.

  20. @ezio’s best fan: yea those musicians are fricken annoying especially when you’re trying to follow someone and stay hidden and here they come and ruin your cover, but i like chasing after the robbers and couriers, makes good time to practice and sharpen free-running.

    My take on this is Japan does sound pretty cool and the creators can do anything they want, such as some illegitimate child somehow ended up in japan, who knows anything can be done to set it there. As for the ninja thing, that is pretty cool but there are alot of ninja games. They might be able to finally do a ninja game justice since i havent seen much do that. Ninja gaiden wasnt all that fun but a free running ninja game would be cool.

    as for the story taking a turn into asian history, yea it would be difficult, nonetheless assassins creed II was awesome to play, having not even played the first and not really wanting to because i heard it wasnt that good and i was way more into the gameplay than the story anyway, honestly i never even cared about the first games story. If the gameplay isnt tht good then i dnt care if its the best story, if the gameplay is fricken awesome you could tell a story about a bug getting squashed and the game would still be fun. Not to say the story in ACII wasnt awesome, its just to say that the gameplay is what keeps the player into the story.

  21. Shabam! Ac 3 may take place in japan or (more preferable China with shaolin monks with dual cane swords), but not as a sequal but a prequal, subject sixteen was of asian decent so why not a prequel to clear a couple things up and then finsh off desmonds story with france egypt russia etc. or vice versa?
    Please comment

  22. From what ive heard i would place good money on either japan or ancient egypt.
    Personally i would prefer Egypt.

  23. I disagree. The setting cannot be in Japan. There are many clear reasons why this is true. For one, I doubt Desmond has ancestors rooting back from Japan. No ancestor, no game. The focus of this series is the ancestors. If you have noticed, Desmond, Altaiir, and Ezio all have strikingly similar facial features, indicating they are distantly related to one another. I know there are a lot of ninja fanboys, but I think AC3 will take place in Europe. Where, no one knows.

  24. yuri kuklov

    Feudal Japan could be a great setting. You could become a ninja or a samurai and change later if you choose to. New mechanics and weapons would be great to use. Plus the landscapes in Feudal Japan look great for climbing, especially for an assassin.

    I think the game should start out like AC2 did with the main character clueless about everything, but then something happens like Mongolia invades or something like that. However I do not see how Desmond could fit with this idea but I’m hoping Ubisoft will think of something. Also I do not believe we have seen the last of Altair so we should see him again too. However this game will be partially in the modern world because Desmond will be searching for artefacts all over the world so it will be 30% modern world 70% animus, at least I hope so.

    However I do not like the idea of WW1 or WW2 because putting guns in the game defeats the purpose of using a sword or throwing knifes. Yes, Ubisoft put a gun in AC2 but I avoided using, therefore if it becomes all guns it would turn into the campaign of splinter cell or modern warfare 2, possibly uncharted too. The most appealing part about AC was its past setting, so if Ubisot took that away many fan will be disappointed. The reason for putting it in Feudal Japan is because guns weren’t there for awhile and the ultimate assassins live there. France wouldn’t be bad but I think Japan would be great instead, non the less I see AC3 with great potential to be a great game.

  25. Darius Palm,er

    I think that medieval Europe will be a good because it will be interesting like Ubisoft’s Philippe Bergeron said. But i only have one question will the assassin be ezio or a different one.

  26. yuri kuklov

    I think you should start out how Ezio did in the beginning, clueless. Then when something happens like Mongolia invades or something else, you become a ninja or a samurai, you could start as either one your choice, then can become the other if you want to stay as either. Japan is a great idea because landscapes are different so climbing would still be fun plus the weapons would be different too and that of course is great.
    Except you are not always going be in the animus because at the end of ac2 they speak of searching all the artefacts therefore as Desmond you’ll be killing modern world templars as well, to get to locations. However I don’t know how Japan will fit in but I’m sure Ubisoft will make it work because a ninja is really cool.
    Also I don’t believe we’ve seen the last of Altair, he will fit in some how, which makes AC3 a great game with a great potential. I don’t think AC fans will be disappointed, however it would suck if the game became modern world or an era with guns like WW2 or civil war because it could turn into uncharted or splinter cell which is disappointing in my opinion. The past with swords was a great idea and it would suck if Ubisoft took that away, it was what made the game great.

  27. Or it doesn’t have to be Ezio’s decendants… They can just make AC3 a new game with Desmond’s time line where Desmond absorbed all the fighting skills from Altaiir and Ezio; and then he can go hunt down the modern templars across the world. Desmond is the main character after all so it would be nice to have him actually fight in a game rather than dreaming.

  28. I think Japan would be a great idea. I mean, for starters, Assassin + Japan = Ninja. That’s already cool by itself. Then, how cool would a ninja in white look?

    IMO, it would be a fresh change. There’s a totally different culture to replicate, a totally different kind of architecture, a whole new lot of possibilities regarding weapons and mechanics, many historical backgrounds to use… etc. Looking at the improvements made on AC2, AC3 could be (besides being a great game on its own merit) the greatest ninja game ever. I’m sick of ninjas fighting out of their intended period. Yes Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Blade… I’m looking at you.

    Oh, and besides, weren’t ninjas the ultimate assassins anyway?

  29. lewis jenkin

    i reckon it will be set in like 1920 eygpt, kinda like wen the mummy was set, goin round temples n shit like what that woman sed at the end of ass2

  30. What got me interested in assasins creed was its originality. THere had been games made on ninjas and stealth action that take place infeudal japan (ie: tenchu).

    I dont want it in modern times either becuz that would be too similar to splinter cell. There are way too many games based in WW2 and a stealth game where the enemy has weapons has been overdone ie: Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell to name a few.

    Whats ideal is if the next game takes place in China/Mongolia (In one of ALtairs codex, he sent his sons to assassinate genghis khan, plenty of potential here).

    Another good location would be Constantinople/Istantanbul. Anyone whos been to this city will know this city is beautiful, surrounded on 3 sides by water…formidable battlements and significant landmarks that dates back to Roman times. This city has withstood countless sieges and suffered 2 succesful sacks, one by the Venetians and the other by the Turks. A background story based on any of these sackings or previous sieges in Constantinople will be legendary.

    Of course if it takes place in Constantinople, then Athens could be included as well

    I would appreciate the creators if AC3 takes us back to Rome because the Rome in AC2 is crap….so we get to run along the vatican wall killing the guards. BORRRINGG!!!

    THe capital of the Aztec empire (located in modern day mexico city), Havana and Lisbon would be pretty cool and it makes the most sense considering how the game ended and the codex documents u get in the game.

    Bottom line: the possibilities of AC3 is endless and what was cool about AC franchies is that the game takes us to unmark historical settings that no other game ever ventures. Having said that. going to places in feudal Japan, WW2 era, modern era will destroy the ingenuity of this game…Ill still play it but only as a rental. NOt going to buy the actual game

  31. the wise one

    blector’s idea is good but why 3 if you have 3 then the memory segments will be too short i think that 2 ancestors would be a possibility (9-12 mem blocks each) and then some play with desmond himself for a portion of the game eg (ancestor 1 9-12 mem blocks) some desmond play (about the equivilant of 3 mem blocks) then (ancestor 2 9-12 mem blocks) more desmond play then end of game

    or something like that although the hidden gun could get a overhaul wit a built in suppressor but less bullets

  32. All very good ideas. I think AC3 shuld be split into 2-3 ancestors (6-8 memory blocks each), one in France, Russia, and Egypt. We have to remember that the animus looks back at all of Desmonds ancestors, not just Altiars line( exp. desmonds mother and father both have distinct ancestors and their ancestors have ancestors). Lucy Desmond and the gang will obviously have to locate the temples of the “Gods” to save the world(possibly the louve, kremlin, sphiinx, etc.). They can’t really do Asia or Japan because Desmond doesn’t have the proper facial structures. I think Russia would be awsome because you could blend in the snow, Egypt you could some how incorporate snakes, and in France you could learn a new move, Surrender!(lol jk) France could have some really cool swords (Rapiers? Is that how you spell it?). No WW2 for right now, but having a female assassin would be cool. I deffinatly like the idea of having a seduce ability. Maybe the female assassin could be from egypt? please respond and share your ideas.
    B. Lector

  33. unforgiven462

    Nix on medieval Europe and feudal Japan. The former because the plot needs to move forward in time and the later because Japan is too far from the current regions of the games.

    If franchise follows the progression of time and geographical direction, a logical setting would be Revolutionary France. This would be exactly 300 years after the events of Ezio and it follows the westward motion of events. Plus, as the with the first two games, it is ripe with conflict!

  34. Karin Auditore

    Yeah, like Starkiller from Star Wars the Force Unleashed sorta looks like he’d be a Desomd decendant.

  35. Karin Auditore

    Yeah, I think both ideas are great, but Fedual Japan would be awesome!!! Like many of you said, mideval Europe would be a bit too much like Acre in the first game, although it could be like a story of Altair’s son or daughter or something, but i don’t know how well that would turn out… And i dont think theres anything wrong with them having to go back past th Late 15 century(Ezio’s time) to make another game. I mean, there looking for peices of eden so they might have to look high and low for the answers and that would mean going back. And Assassin’s creed with guns…? i’m not to pleased about that one…

  36. Ezio's Best fan!

    It would be VERY weird to take place in japan. I agree with James (below more of above I don’t know) plus..the year 1596? That’s like Ezio’s son or daughter..WTF is is his son or daughter doing in japan in the first place!??!! It HAS to take place in modern times, although it would be hard doing the buildings (since they are pretty tall now) Unless it takes place in some fantasy modern world than I’m ok with that! Also, it will take some time to think how Desmond will look like? Will he wear some bad-ass armour and make himself exposed to many people? Or just wear his jumper but with his hood on. I think I did see alittle point at the tip of his hood too!

    Some of the comments I’ve read below or above me have been intresting yet wacky. This game has no reason to focus on Lucy and there shouldnt be the whole “ancestry” anymore. The whole point of Ac1 convince himself to be an assassin really and Ac2, is to train him. Since he’s pretty much awesumly trained. What’s the point? If you play ’till the end of the game..they talk about sum random bs (Can’t say wat it is cuz it may spoil sum people) unless they come up with even MORE bs to bring in more ancestors. Assassin’s Creed 3 will take alot of thinking for this to work since it isn’t easy!

    PS: I hate robbers and pathetic musicians during ezio’s time!!

  37. I think all these idea’s are valid and sound interesting, having completed AC2 and seeing the FMV with Minerva there is the possiblilty that AC3 could be further back in time – as Minerva tells desmond to find the other temples, and the image while she is saying this is of the pyramids in Egypt, this would still keep the great themes of templars and knights alive aswell as swords, and daggers.

    I do feel that in AC3 there will be alot more present time fighting considering the last action sequences in AC2 with Lucy and desmond fighting Asbergo.

    Either way I can’t frigging wait.

    only 98% complete damn those feathers.

    P.S. anyone know how to get back into the tombs you find the seals. as i know i’ve missed feathers in there.

  38. the gun from AC2. i mean it would make since for desmond to have a pistol but at th end of AC2 desmond gets the blade

  39. maybe further in the story as desmond, but not and ancestor, that wouldnt make sence, a descendant from the futer. makes no sence. but england would be decent. and following 2 characters. desmond and lucy as theyre both assassins but that guy talking bout solar flares and future is on crack, it wouldnt make sence to have an ancestor for the future for ancestors are from the past. the truth thing on AC2 u find is a little strange though, maybe that is a different planet. that goddess or whatever put them there.

  40. exactly my point. it would not go backwards, it would either be in like a revolutionary or civil war time and more play with desmond according to AC2’s ending

  41. no, japan would be stupid along with medeval europe, theyve already done that. and for japan, the game obviously follows desmonds ancestors, he cab have italian or whatever altair was but he doesnt look like he has japanese ancestors. it would just be anothr ninja game any ways

  42. desmond miles

    ok first off the assassins arent trained with guns, second why would assassins creed be set in japan? i mean seriously the first 2 games were filled with castles and nights! why on earth do u think they would start 2 games with the castle era, and then jump to desmonds japanese ancestor,the logic thing is they would have desmond as the new assassin, plus assassins dont need guns! thats why they are assassins!oh and the enemy cant use them because they cant kill desmond or they are screwed cuz they cant get his memories! i mean seriously why do u think they would have blades for 2 great games to just switch to guns!?

  43. imho, any time period with guns would ruin the feel of Assassins Creed. I know that in AC2 you get that pistol but thats kinda like bamf throwing knives. I don’t really know where Ubisoft is going to go but I’m sure I’ll be surprrised!

  44. I have two ideas for the next game’s setting.

    First is an industrial-aged, late-1800’s England. Imagine London in a thick smog as you run roof-top to roof-top and using steam-punk technology.

    The second would be following Desmond in a near-future (2012-13) setting. Finishing off the Templars and saving the world.

  45. yo tengo una idea,y seria q el juego podria estar inspirado en el tiempo maya por ejemplo , es una idea pero por algo se empieza .espero q sea de inspiracion,en esa epoca habia mucho movimiento,se oye q puede q sea una mujer la protagonista y en esa epoca las mujeres tenian mucha importancia.

  46. Japan. And to be an assassin, you would HAVE To be disguised as a samurai (or ronin).

    and for everyone talking about seeing a ninja, consider this.
    If you walk around dressed in black gi with shinobigatana, everyone would know you are up to hijinks.

    Secondly, one of the tenets of the code is public assassinations.

  47. Blake I love this idea:

    I theorize that lucy is descent from Eve and Subject 16 is descent from Adam.
    Maybe, just maybe ACIII will be set as a female Ancestor of Lucy Stillman in WWII, or as Eve in Eden.

    Perhaps her ancestor will be the geisha assassin during ww2!!!

  48. Perhaps it isn’t going to be desmond at all…
    I theorize that lucy is descent from Eve and Subject 16 is descent from Adam.
    Maybe, just maybe ACIII will be set as a female Ancestor of Lucy Stillman in WWII, or as Eve in Eden.
    Feudal Japan, Mid-Ages. Probably just decoys to throw you off track.

    Or Maybe it will be desmond in the Present finding the temple that Minerva spoke of.
    Or some really crazy shit that nobody would think of: One of Desmonds Descendents in the future! that would be so unexpected, I would ejaculate on accumulation of this knowledge lol.
    Now i’m thinking.

    Perhaps set on a space station? Too small, Another planet, Mars? No the Solar flare probably wrecked mars aswell.
    In an alternate dimension created exclusively for the reservation of mankind!!
    I need to go to bed, i’m tired.

    During my slumber, if i’m not assassinated by desmond because I figured him out; you should add on to this theory anyone, doesnt matter just give me some input.

  49. I think a female assassin in WWII is awkward (Desmond stepping into the body of a female), not to mention WWII has been used a lot.

    Feudal Japan would be sweet but can they justify it narratively? And besides, that’s also too common.

    I think French Revolution would be great. Anyway, we’ll see what they do, hopefully they will pull it off.

  50. I thought Assassin’s Creed would follow the 300 years time-span and cultural similarity. In other words, it should be on about 1700 (18th century) in region where Muslims inhabited in.

    Why Muslim? Both Middle East (AC I) and Italy (AC II) at that time (11th century and 15th century) were in contact with Islamic empire/culture. And, historically speaking, this “Assassin” organization came from real sect in Islamic society, the Hashashin, so it is somehow related. Not that this makes me a jihadist or Islam-wannabe, I though this cultural reference is interesting.

    As for feudal Japan and medieval Europe barely were in touch with Islam in their culture (at that time), I don’t think it’s going to be a nice idea for a setting in AC III. We had AC II in Europe (Italy) anyway, so why don’t try another place?

    China, perhaps? 18th century China is the reign of Qing Dynasty which has many bloody conflicts, especially against the Muslims; with this Assassins-against-Templars-conspiracy theme, I suppose this would make an interesting plot to see (i.e., the Templars are within the sovereign, or the Assassins are the part of the rebellion–Xinjiang rebellion perhaps?).

    Or Eastern Europe? Partially, the Eastern Europe was under the reign of Ottoman Empire–it has a strong Islamic culture mixed with European, which I thought would be an interesting culture to dwell in. The conflicts in Bosnia and Herzegovina could be the issue in AC III.

    Or Indonesia? Lol. 18th century was the time of Dutch colonialism; there were a lot of resistance movements, perhaps the Assassin could be one of the resistance group who is against the colonialist. :P

  51. Both of these ideas suck. Assassins Creed3 should be in the modern world, and the character should be Desmond. If any of you have played the second one yet you would know that the story line involves Desmond plugging into a more advanced animus that allows him to learn all the skills and abilities that his Italian ancestor did, so he can defeat the people that had him contained in the first game.
    So I really doubt that AC3 will follow any ancestors plus, honestly, Japan blows. If they made AC3 based in Japan it would destroy the whole series, and the first one was based in the medieval period.
    Not to rain on anyones parade or anything but using anymore ancestors would not follow the currently established storyline.

  52. “Doesn’t have to go back in time, Feudal Japan lasted right up to 1868. Could easily focus on the Edo period, of the Tokugawa. That would be brilliant in my opinion.”

    Perhaps even covering the end of the Edo period. I imagine that the Meiji resoration would be pretty interesting when infused with a bit of Assassin’s Creed-style Templar conspiracy.

  53. japan sound good but how is desmond supposed to be a decendant from someone japanesse ? if it’s a girl that would be a great twist, and she would probably use some sort of seduction tactics
    WW2 does sound like a lame-overused-typical idea, but it would follow the storyline
    i went through the whole ac1 and ac2, it would seem that a good portion of ac3 would have to be desmonds story, as he says “and this is my story”
    maybe industrial revolution in England,Russia and America, ac2 went around a number of places.

    the real question is, in an era that will definately have gunpowder acessable, what’s going to replace the realy cool hidden blade moves?

  54. In my opinion Italy was the best so far because of the cultural setting. I personally like these games because of older times and WWII would be too modern. Feudal Japan is not bad but the whole samurai or ninja thing is already too common. I think that in order for it to be a good game the setting should be somewhere in Europe because thats where most of the Knights Templar things were happening. I heard someone mention The French Revolution, i think that would create the best setting/time possible.

  55. why would it be set in Japan? How could his ancestors possibly have travelled to Japan then and why would they have wanted to? Also, there is no trace of Japanese features on Desmond. Although i say all this, i think it is a very good idea to be set in Japan

  56. I’m pretty sure that this game will be set in present time, because if any of you played the game thats all they can really do now, is wrap it up!

  57. i dont thin it should be done in japan beacase back in the day thare wernt tall bildings it was all farmland with the occasional casle it would be mindlesly wandering all the time and i herd a rumer about a femal lead on the 3rd game this is aslo a bad idia its just not as cool i dont wont to kill somone with my lumps lol

  58. “I think it will be neither. It won’t go back in time, seen the time ezio lives is a little before 1500 A.D.
    The most likely it will take most place in modern world with Desmont.”

    Doesn’t have to go back in time, Feudal Japan lasted right up to 1868. Could easily focus on the Edo period, of the Tokugawa. That would be brilliant in my opinion.

  59. actually, i think WW2 would be a great idea, and it’s a little annoying how no one actually read the article about it.
    the female assassin wouldn’t be fighting in the war, but rather on the home front. in England, or possibly america. THAT would be a genius idea, and the whole female thing would be great. i mean, Desmond gets to be killed in the first one, and born in the second. why cant he experience periods and boobs too?

  60. DEFINITELY JAPAN! would be lot cooler and perfect place for assassins and secret stuff. including ninjas and samurais and missiions to kill the messengers and emperors (bad ones) UBISOFT PLEASE COME UP WITH KICK ARSE AC3 IN ASIA!!! I AGREE WITH BILL! MONGOLS WOULD BE GNARLY

  61. Desmond Miles

    In my opinion I’ll prefer Feudal Japan, because the setting of Europe in Medieval Times would be really like ACI. The problem with Feudal Japan is that depending of the Century they are looking to set the third installment, wouldn’t be a real progression of the ancestor, this will also happen with Europe in Middle Age. I also heard that they want to make the third AC related to WWII and that the protagonist will be a female. Personally I really don’t like this idea, because i’m really tired of the WWII games because they’re too many and it’s really repetitive.

    I think the idea of AC is to show an important and relevant moment for the human, just like Crusades in ACI and also the Italian Renaissance in ACII. I don’t think that the possible candidates show a REAL importance for the human (the exception would be WWII).

    The candidate I would consider for ACIII would be The French Revolution.

  62. yep, Feudal Japan all the way!
    i mean, imagine the bad-assness of it being a Ninja jumping around and assassinating guards with style… *drools* :D

  63. Feudal Japan would be awesome! And they wouldn’t have to go down the cliche path of a ninja for an assassin. Personally I think somewhere in the middle grounds of a ninja and a samurai would work best as they could incorporate the stealth and ruthlesness of the ninja while still maintaining the honour of a samurai. The King Arthur type gameplay would be to much like the original AC, there are just too few games out there that truly go in depth into Feudal Japan.

  64. I think it will be neither. It won’t go back in time, seen the time ezio lives is a little before 1500 A.D.
    The most likely it will take most place in modern world with Desmont.

  65. I was thinking of a setting when the Mongols were invading China, or some king of setting in the Himalaya area. Japan would be cool, but there is too much risk in my opinion of Ubisoft making the assassin a cliché ninja.

  66. JAPAN Definitely, didn’t they already do like kingz and stuffz in the first one? Definitely Japan, it wad have a cool free running setting, but it would be more challenging.

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