I just got an email from Microsoft in regards to how they are giving away, or letting you try for free, Fable 2.  Since Sony has been “giving” some stuff away recently, it seems like Microsoft wants to jump on that bandwagon.

Having divided Fable 2 into five chapters (perhaps showing how linear the title actually is), you can download the first episode for free with each chapter thereafter costing you 800 MS points ($10).

So essentially you can have a full digital copy of Fable 2 for $40.  Is that really a deal?  I guess it’s cool that you can play 2Gb’s into the game to see if you like it, but I’m sure you could score the whole game (as it’s almost a year old now), used for cheap on Amazon, eBay, or elsewhere.

Still, a nice move by Microsoft if you had any interest in trying out Fable 2.  Click the Read link below for more details.


Jeff B