Think about it.  The PS2 had a lengthy lifespan that spawned several quality franchises such as:  Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell, GTA3, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Brothers in Arms, and more.  All these titles are totally still playable beyond a nostalgic standpoint and could have new life breathed into them if bundled together and re-released on the PS3 via Blu-Ray disc.

With the recent news of a God of War collection being re-released on Blu-Ray with a framerate increase, resolution upscaling and trophies, some rumblings have other publishers agreeing to the coolness factor of this idea, but not confirming anything.  The storage capacity of a Blu-Ray disc alone could make this a very possible scenario for down the line.  Sweet!

I think this is a great idea especially if you are a fan of a particular series and want to catch up on past story lines before you play the current title.   Hopefully we’ll here more about this sometime soon.


Jeff B