Looking strikingly similar to GameLoft’s NFL 2010, word has reached us that EA is actually releasing an iPhone version of Madden 2010 that is unaffiliated with the yet to be released console companion app.  People on the fence about buying NFL 2010 will definitely want to wait around for the release of of the EA version which is “promised” to hit the App Store on or before NFL opening day.  We will see if that holds true or not as EA has yet to release the companion app they said would be available on August 18th.

At any rate, Madden 2010 for the iPhone will boast some features not found in GameLoft’s 2010.  Such additional features include:  Adjustable game speeds, hot routes, audibles, full roster management that includes trades and free agents, and authentic stadium settings.  Sounds mighty robust to me.  No word yet on price but I’m guessing it will start at $10.  Enjoy these tight roster updated pics.




Jeff B