Gears Of War 3 To Incorporate RPG Elements?

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4 Comments to Gears Of War 3 To Incorporate RPG Elements?

  1. “dues ex 2″? Never heard of it.

    Kidding aside, I’m not too crazy about Deus Ex 2–it was like a nerfed version of the original game. Now the original Deus Ex, that’s a game that deserves recognition for combining FPS and RPG seamlessly.

  2. i love dues ex 2. whats so great about it is that its a universal scale. i totally understand the rpg element coming to fps/tps.

    gears of war is a good example.

    i’k like to see greater level variety and what i really want is 3d stereoscopic. but not anaglyph. shutter glasses. i have a projector and it would be awesome to play gears of war with real depth meaning a real sense of space rather than the illusion on a flat monitor. 3d sux when done incorrectly, but when done right looks awesome and is vary immersive.

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