Mercenaries on Mars.  Nuff said.  While the past Red Faction games have been 1st person shooters, Red Faction: Guerrilla has gone for the 3rd person approach.  So far so good.  The demo takes place in a small open world map with a ten minute time limit to capture a mining walker.  I thought this demo was a ton of fun.  Virtually everything is destructable.  The graphics were decent and had some clipping issues but the fun factor is definitely present.  Walking around smashing buildings with your hammer feels great but that’s just the beginning.  Once you obtain the mining walker you can literally walk through buildings and destroy everything.  The physics are very Hollywood and the explosions look fantastic and vivid.  The cover system was there but I thought that the demo felt more “run and gun” than anything.  It looks like Volition did a great job nailing the immersion factor, but with all demos, what you see and play is just the tip of the iceburg.  I hope that the single player campaign keeps it fresh and engaging throughout, and that the multiplayer is just as fun too.  Available on June 9th for the Xbox 360, PS3.  The PC version will release in August.

Jeff B