Holy visceral cerebral action packed craziness!  Acting as sort of a Saints Row to the Ninja Gaiden genre, the Ninja Blade demo quickly lets you know it ain’t f**king around.  Equipped with an enhanced epilepsy warning suggesting smaller TV size, my 60″ Sony saw the extreme bludgeoning that the Ninja Blade demo brought.  The demo was on the short side but the with such visual flair and unrelenting intensity it didn’t matter.  You play a Ninja in some hyper reality setting were your foes are unwavering mutants bent on all sorts of domination.  A large portion of the demo is concentrated around interactive cut scenes requiring you to hit a button at the right time to continue the scene.  In most games this has become the route of redundant scapegoating, but Ninja Blade makes it feel new again.  Multiple weapons and moves at your disposal right from the start, Ninja Blade shows you what’s in store once the game is released on April 7th exclusively for the Xbox 360.  I highly advise playing this demo as the graphics are unbelievable and the whole experience is straight memorable.  Admittedly, I haven’t even played Ninja Gaiden 2 yet, but now that it’s cheap I probably should.

Jeff B