Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 This Holiday

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10 Comments to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 This Holiday

  1. I hate snipers, including myself

    Call of Duty MW2 is great, but i think battlefield BC2 will be a big competitor for it because it does everthing that Call of duty does along with balanced vehicle combat, weapon damage (more realistic that the first BC), and feels more like all out war compared to CODMW2 that feels more like a squad. we just have to see what happens

  2. Guinea Pig

    CODMW2 will come out 10 November 2009 (if not just after) and will have the largest weapons variety than any COD: Assault rifles: M16, M4, Bushmaster ARC, FAMAS, SCAR H, AK47, AK103(maybe), HK416 carbine and maybe several more. SMGs: MP5, MP5K (maybe), P90, AKSU (also called AK74U), Vector X SMG, UMP .45, Scorpion and maybe some more. Shotguns: W1200, Benelli, SPAS12, M1897. Suppprt MGs: M249 SAW, RPD, M60, MK48, and a HK machinegun, maybe HK21. Snipers: M40 or Remington model 700, L96, Dragunov, PSG-1, M21.
    There will be 10 prestige levels like in CODWAW, more perks, maybe the ability to drive snowmobiles and jeeps (no tanks). there will be far more killstreak abilities, up to 20 and can be chosen. Hopefully no dogs of CODWAW that was the biggest gameplay ruin in history.

  3. I would love for them to incorporate a wider variety of weaponry, but if they decided to incorporate vehicles then they should have at the most hummers because tanks are a pain in the rear.

  4. sounds a bit like battlefield bad company…which was fun but i like havign the sperate type’s of shooting games.

  5. little man for life

    I hope that there is car or tanks but they should make it twise the kill. ex… one kill is 10p than vehicles kills should be 20ps

  6. portingshot

    hope its not nooby like word at war and you are right about the vehicles. They suck!
    Longer campaign for sure(i hope).Its just no fun isnt it?
    But cooperative gameplay was very nice.
    I also hope they got good characters weapons gameplay story and al those things.

  7. Do not like vehicles

    CoD MW2 will be obviously game of the year but i want more shotguns and snipers and no vehicles….if you have to have vehicles NO TANKS i can stand a like hummer or something cuz i can snipe the guy out but a tank is just a noobs paradise

  8. Anti noob friendly

    I hope it isn’t as noob friendly as World at War, and I absolutely hate the vehicles, it just ruin’s the ground fighting experience. Why? Because in reality a rocket shot to the treds or main gun joint on a tank would take it out. Someone didn’t do their homework!

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