Oto-Shigure looks like a regular Japanese umbrella carved in bamboo and oil- paper. Looks can be deceiving, however, as this umbrella leads a double life as a personal speaker system with a built-in amp and four vibrating motors integrated on its edges. Read on whether it is raining or no.

This umbrella, which is a functionally modified personal speaker system, is the brainchild of Yusuke Kamiyama and Mai Tanaka in collaboration with Keio University and Toa Engineering. This ingenious prototype allows the user to connect a musical gadget to the umbrella and enjoy a customized three-dimensional sound space!

Although this personal speaker umbrella may well present music to some ears like never before, it is not yet in production. The music is confined to the area under the umbrella via a 3D sound space. It could be yours for around $100 dollars when it hits the markets.

So get the sound track to Singin in the Rain and sing along in the rain. (What else?)

Make sure there are no cops nearby though becauseā€¦

You never know.