Wilson A2K 1799 SuperSkin 12.75″ Baseball Glove Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Wilson A2K 1799 SuperSkin 12.75″ baseball glove gets a lot of love, and for a good reason: it’s handcrafted and worked over three times during the dual welting process to make for faster break-in time and better overall endurance. We’re no strangers to the A2K series, and if you’re looking for the best baseball gloves, they’ve scored top marks for their resilience. In fact, most people consider them the best sports equipment for both professional and amateurs.

Why We Like It – Wilson A2K 1799 SuperSkin 12.75″ baseball glove

The Wilson A2K 1799 SuperSkin 12.75″ baseball glove is an impressive piece of craftsmanship. Renowned for their dual welting process, durability, black blonde pro stock select leather, and A2000 SuperSkin Wilson gloves are long-lasting. Their deep pockets and dual post webs make for great outfield baseball gloves at home or on the diamond.

  • Remarkably long-lasting.
  • Fashioned from pro stock leather and A2000 SuperSkin.
  • Rolled dual welting offers a quicker break-in time thanks to three times the shaping.
  • Expensive.
  • The deep pockets can make a hand throw difficult in pro play.

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The A2000 glove series famous for their durability, and the Wilson A2K 1799 SuperSkin 12.75″ baseball glove is no different. Where the A2K glove stands out is it’s blend of stock leather and A200 SuperSkin, offering a lighter weight, comparable to the Franklin Sports Baseball glove, alternative to competitors without sacrificing durability. Professionals and amateurs alike have found the dual or H web post webs on this A2K glove ideal for outfield players, though it’s deeper pocket does mean you can find yourself in a tight spot if you’re throwing in a rush.


Simply put, this A2K glove series is beautiful. Customizing through Wilson’s website is possible, but the default black blonde coloration is professional. The A2000 SuperSkin is crafted from pro stock select leather and A2000 SuperSkin and built durable. They receive three times the pounding and shaping during manufacturing for a reduced break-in period. Gloves come in left hand and right hand options, no matter your throwing hand. This Wilson glove offers dual post webbing, and deep pockets ideal for outfield baseball gloves or just playing catch; for a shallow pocket, we recommend the Rawlings Renegade Baseball glove.


You get what you pay for with Wilson gloves. The pro stock select leather and A2000 SuperSkin blend means a more durable and lighter outfield glove than alternatives and can be customized although because these are handcrafted, the turnaround can be 6 – 8 weeks for shipping time although they are available for left handed and right handed folk. The A2K gloves like the Wilson A2000 Baseball glove are long lasting, so the investment is well worth it for die-hard baseball fans. Amazon is also offering free shipping on deliveries at the time this review is being written.

Wilson A2K 1799 SuperSkin 12.75″ baseball glove Wrap Up

The Wilson A2000 glove series is a well-established staple of sports equipment, and they have crafted a fantastic outfield glove. Fans of the game and athletes looking for a long lasting, low weight replacement will be surprised by the fast break-in, deep pocket, and craftsmanship thanks to its combination of black blonde A2000 SuperSkin and pro stock select leather.

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