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Vessyl Bottle Tracks Your Drink And Its Health Benefits


We’re all aware of the saying, “You are what you eat, right.” But that doesn’t just apply to just food; we often overlook at what we drink. While they’re all sorts of devices out there tracking what you eat, the Vessyl Bottle does something different – it tracks what you drink.  No more having to guess how many calories are in your morning cup of Joe or journaling about what you’re drinking since Vessyl will do it all for you.The bottle actually recognizes whatever beverage you place inside it so you can easily keep track of a variety of things like how many calories it has, if it has sugar or caffeine, fat ingested and even your overall hydration level – all thanks to its Pryme system.


The system allows the bottle to estimate, track and display your drinking habits in real-time with it’s mobile app. The Vessyl connects to iOS and Android via Bluetooth 4.o and then the device provides you with your drinking activity for you to monitor and check throughout the day. But this isn’t your average bottle; this is one with style. It features a spill-proof lid, non-stick interior and is built to withstand your busy day. And you can also see all the info on the bottle itself with its built-in hidden screen. It also comes in a variety of colors to match your personality and mood. The Vessyl bottle holds 13 oz of fluid and it’s batter life can last five to seven days, taking only 60 minutes for a full charge. Learn your drinking habits by pre-ordering the Vessyl for $99 (it will soon go up to $199).


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