Verizon Unlimited Plan Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you are constantly on your mobile, this Verizon plan has a lot to offer. You get unlimited talk text and data. It also offers many extras like cloud storage and video streaming. Verizon offers this package as their premium prepaid plan that compares favorably with the best cell phone plans. If you need to get phone service internationally, you might want to take a look at our Knowroaming Review for a cost-effective option.

Why We Like It – Verizon Unlimited Plan

The Verizon unlimited plan has a lot to offer compared to most phone plans. It offers unlimited data and talk text. It also includes other great features like Apple Music, mobile hotspot data, and cloud storage. It also offers HD-quality streaming and 4K streaming on 5G.

  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited talk
  • Cloud storage
  • Speeds get throttled at certain thresholds
  • Average customer service
  • A bit expensive

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Get More is at the top tier of Verizon plans. It offers 720p streaming, 30GB LTE hotspot data, access to 5G, and Apple Music. Despite being an unlimited data plan, if data usage goes above 75GB there will be some congestion-based throttling. Verizon also offers 500GB of cloud storage with this plan. Compared to their other unlimited plans like the Start Unlimited, this plan offers mobile hotspot data and more LTE data. It will serve you well whether you have a Samsung Galaxy or Apple cell phone. If you need even more data, Sprint Mobile Plan is worth a look.


Verizon offers wider coverage than any other network in the USA at 70%. Verizon unlimited offers 4G LTE coverage to around 70% of the country. They have over 90% coverage in 27 states and full coverage in Kansas, Arkansas, and Georgia. The three states with the least Verizon coverage are Nevada at 59.43 %, West Virginia at 52,24%, and Montana with 58,93%. Most people can expect fantastic coverage regardless of which Verizon unlimited plans they choose. The only network close to Verizon in terms of coverage is AT&T.

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When it comes to unlimited data plans, the value depends on how much you use. Verizon data plans can be expensive but they throw in enough extras to justify the price such as cloud storage, HD streaming, and Apple Music. Verizon plans offer further savings per month per line if you get unlimited plans. For a cheaper data plan, you can even get the start unlimited play, but it’s basic and doesn’t even offer an LTE hotspot. Get More is the best Verizon data unlimited package and provides great value which can compete with Cricket’s plans.

Verizon Unlimited Plan Wrap Up

When it comes to data plans Verizon has many options including the Start Unlimited Play and the Get More. There’s no doubt that out of the prepaid plans the Get More is far better than the rest. The price may be high, but it’s a bargain when you consider the unlimited data, calls, and text, not to mention the 5G access, and cloud storage.

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