Timex Easy Reader Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re on the market for a stylish yet simple watch, one that just tells you the time, the Timex Easy Reader is as classic as you can get. And since it’s Timex, responsible for some of the best watches ever made, you know you’ll get a high quality watch regardless how “classic” its features are.

Why We Like It – Timex Easy Reader Review

For the sake of simplicity, the Timex Easy Reader does what every classic watch does: tell you the time, day and month, but with enlarged text and backlighting for easy reading.

  • Large numbers are easy to read
  • Indiglo back-light helps read numbers in the dark
  • Water resistant (100 feet/30 meters)
  • Lacks any substantial features
  • Limited number of styles


The Timex Easy Reader a quartz watch movement, keeping tracking of seconds, minutes, hours, and date (day and month). More importantly, it enlarges the text on the watch, so if you have trouble reading small text—this watch is for you. In fact, if it’s dark outside, you can turn on the Indiglo backlight. And typical with Timex watches, they’re incredibly accurate and will keep being accurate for up to 10 years with its very long battery life. Additionally, the Easy Reader is water resistant, up to 100 feet or 30 meters.

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Aside from that, however, is the end of what the Timex Easy Reader does. It won’t keep track of your burned calories or steps. If you want that, check out the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch With Bluetooth.


The Timex Easy Reader isn’t impressive with its performance—it’s a simple analog watch. But the Timex Easy Reader sure does look good. Style was clearly the focus here, and Timex nailed it with styles—the very limited number of styles available. Each style, which there are six, is a combination of different colored cases and rugged leather straps such as gold with black leather or silver with reddish-brown leather and so on. Timex Easy Reader is stylish, and certainly high quality, but we felt the Fossil Men’s Grant Stainless Steel & Leather Chronograph Quartz Watch was the king of style. It still has more style options than Citizen Chandler Watch, however.


The Timex Easy Reader may not make your pancakes in the morning or butter your toast, but it wasn’t built for that. Instead, it was made for those who might have a harder time reading small text, thanks to the font being enlarged and backlighting. Hence the name “Easy Reader.” At the same time, if you want a simple watch that won’t buzz you every time someone texts you, it’ll feel right at home on your wrist.

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Timex Easy Reader Review Wrap Up

The Timex Easy Reader is simple in its design, lacking any substantial features and styles. We still felt the watch was of high quality. It’s Timex! Thanks to larger text and backlighting, the watch was easy to read, only needing a quick glance. And it’s even rugged with its 30 meter water resistance.

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