Three Barrel Handgun is Designed for Taking Out Triple Threats – We’re not Talking Singing, Dancing and Acting (pics)

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Updated June 27, 2022

Triple Barrel Handgun

Putting down an assailant can happen in a number of ways. But you probably didn’t think of using a three barreled hand gun, now did you?

This revolver is a of a Spanish descent, but to be candid no one knows its exact history or origin. There are a total of three firing pins to complement the three barrels, which is to say you can fire three bullets at the very same time. You’ll notice that the cylinder has just two rings despite being able to fire off three pieces of ammo simultaneously, but if you look closely two of the barrels are aligned next to one and other – just in case you were questioning the validity of aforementioned statement. A total of 18 bullets with a caliber of 6.35mm can be loaded into this pistol and as far as we can tell it doesn’t come with a custom holster, though it is a one off, so really that’s no surprise.

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