The Bottlejak is anything but ordinary and sports a unique bottle stopper design that any wine connoisseur would want to feature on their favorite bottle of vino. But it would also look good on any bottle of whiskey or olive oil, too! Its curved, slotted main body is CNC machined for precision from one solid piece of aluminum and features a bottle opener incorporated into the piece of art. The bottle plug is then CNC turned from stainless steel and incorporates molded silicone rubber seal rings that are custom designed for its unique look. These custom molded silicone rubber o-rings were designed with edgy, triangular flanges to provide a wide range of sealing to various bottle sizes. If you need this kind of tool for your wine bottles, you might also be interested in reading our guide to these CarbonLite wrenches for the rest of your tools.

With the design, creator Brian Conti wanted to feature a “top down” design, which is a a design producing a low profile when installed with the majority of the stopper below the bottle top, as well as create one that was self standing. The result is a fluid shape that incorporates a large central slot as a signature “spoke” feature. Its self standing ability and bottle opener feature make it a great object to leave sitting out on a kitchen island or bar as if it’s a piece of art on its own. Conti also plans on offering different finishes: Machined Aluminum, Tumbled then Anodized Medium Grey, Tumbled then Anodized Medium Black, and Tumbled then Anodized Medium Red. Get your own Bottlejak when you pledge $42 or more on its Kickstarter campaign page.


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