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TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking Pants Review

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Need a good pair of pants to go on a hiking trip? Something that is both durable and comfortable to wear whilst also coming with a good number of pockets? The TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking Pants may just be what you are looking for as it brings all of that to you paired with a stylish design as well as a quick dry and water resistant material that will make it a whole lot more convenient for you. And so, just avoid ironing it and you’ll be happy to have yourself a pair of good hiking pants, and probably the best outdoor gear.

Why We Like It – TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking Pants

Going on a hike or going to work with style becomes a whole lot easier thanks to the TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking Pants. It comes with a unique and stylish design with zippers on both sides as well as a 3 season flexibility allowing you to wear it almost all year round. And so with all that and the quick dry feature as shown in its name, the TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking Pants may just be one of the best outdoor gears you can get right now.

  • Water resistant and quick dry feature
  • Adjustable waist
  • 3 season flexibility
  • May be a bit tight for some people
  • Not comfortable

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Made from 85% Polyamide and 15% spandex, the TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking Pants comes with both an adjustable waist size and the high quality feeling found in much more expensive cargo pants. The elastic waist makes it possible for you to have a comfortable fit as well as the flexibility for climbing camping that you would want in a pair of hiking mountain pants.

Moving on from the stretchy waist, the TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Pants are also a pair of almost waterproof hiking mountain pants. I say almost because the fabric is actually only water resistant meaning that you’ll be safe from spills or small splashes but it won’t hold up when submerged in water. But even so, you’ll be happy to know that the TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking Pants actually comes with a quick dry fabric that allows it to dry up without taking too much time thus making for one of the best hiking pants for outdoor activities like kayaking or fishing. Speaking of kayaking, check out the Intex Excursion Pro Kayak which makes for one of the best inflatable kayaks you can get right now.

Furthermore, the TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Hiking pants come with knee darts sewn into the fabric which paired with the fact that they are lightweight hiking pants make them easy to move in and flexible in terms of use.

As for when it comes to washing the pair of pants it is recommended to wash them by hands but even if you do wash them using a machine, just stay away from ironing them as well as wringing them and you’ll be good to go.


When it comes to the design and convenience of use, the TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking Pants also come with two slanted zipper pockets on the size, a zip fly and button closure as well as a back pocket for your use. And similar to related products like the TBMPOY Men’s Windproof Soft Shell Cargo Pants, these dry lightweight waterproof hiking pants are thick fleece lined making sure you have a comfortable wearing experience with constant temperature maintenance. However do note that the 3 season adaptability is limited and won’t be the best fit for cold outdoor activities. But if you do happen to be doing any moderately cold outdoor activities zipper pockets will help in making sure your items stay safely inside.

And if you do want one, you can also use a belt that is provided with the pant in most cases.


Priced at about $26 on amazon prime, the TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Mountain Pants are one of the best you can get. While the sizes may not be for everyone, once you find a good fit, they will be the perfect wear hiking pants that you’ve been looking for. And paired with the water resistance as well as the pockets two of which are on either side and one at the back, you won’t be disappointed with the price you’re paying for them.

TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking Pants Wrap Up

Standing out as one of the best outdoor gears you can get along with the Ecotek Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad and being water resistant like the MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag, the TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking Pants offers almost everything you can ask for. It comes with an elastic waistband, multiple pockets, a comfortable fabric and fleece lining that you can easily get comfy in, and finally paired with the pretty good price it will make for an amazing deal right now.