Task Lab TaskOne G3 iPhone 5 Case Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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Because we keep our cell phones around all the time, we can always get phone calls. But what if you need a bottle opener, a screwdriver or a knife? Pull one out of your pocket, sure if you had one in your pocket but who has— I don’t. But I do have the TaskOne iPhone 5 case in my pocket, so yeah I have that. And a lot more. The Task Lab iPhone case’s durability and multipurpose tool might make it one of the best iPhone cases for people who love their tools, not so much so someone who prefers a sleek design.

Swiss Army iPhone Case

The TaskOne has a hefty feel to it. A secure feel with some weight. It should – there’s 22 tools contained in it waiting to be used. Need a small flathead screwdriver? Or a medium-sized Phillips? It’s there. What about pliers or a pair of wire cutters? Or spoke wrenches? Yeah and in varying sizes. Having a ruler doesn’t hurt, nor does the all-important bottle opener. Plus there’s always a need for a serrated knife and a wire stripper. Some of the tools lock in place to use with the case; some are removable; some give you the choice of whether to use them in or out of the case. And no, you don’t pull them out of the case, you work tabs on the back to cause them to eject out like protrusions on Edward Scissorhands. Then move them back when you’re done, then the case can go back in your pocket.

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Protect Your Phone

It’d make sense for a case holding all this PLUS a saw blade and reciprocating saw blade mount to be not just thick enough to hold everything securely, but also made to keep the iPhone seated in front safe. So forget about one layer of protection: TaskOne has three — consisting of polycarbonate and aluminum combined together. Add rubber to the mix and you get a better grip, even if you can turn the case into a horizontal or vertical kickstand (using the small screwdriver and a slot on the back). Its design lets you use the tools without fear that you’re going to be poking a hole through the touch screen, in case you wondered. But the TSA doesn’t allow knifes so the airport’s one place you can’t take it to if you intend to get on a plane.

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Don’t Be A Tool – Use Them

The TaskOne is like having a tool kit miniaturized and with all the weight removed; leaving just the tools when you need them and out of sight when you don’t. These tools aren’t made for heavy-duty work — though they’re tough steel — but for small repairs on-the-spot they can’t be beat. Who hasn’t walked by something that needed the tweaking of a screwdriver or pliers and bemoaned not having any tools on them? In my world of minor repairs ongoing wherever I am — in my apartment, in the car, at my Moms — the TaskOne is like a Coney Island lifeguard. A lifesaver.

But What About the iPhone?

Sure the iPhone is important too. So it’s good that the TaskOne doesn’t interfere with the cellular or WiFi signals and regular earbuds can fit into the headphone jack. Besides giving you a choice of colors (I prefer black — orange, red or tan, nope), the case doesn’t add much weight to the iPhone nor make it so much larger that it can’t fit in a pocket (same can be said for the upcoming iPhone 6 version). And since the company says they’ll replace one tool if you lose it, you won’t feel like a tool if you do. $99.95 isn’t a lot to pay to have a tool box riding shotgun with you any day/all day. It beats an emergency trip to Home Depot. As does having the TaskUrban iPhone 5 case — provided that your needs are less and the tray of 14 tools inside meets those needs (the mirror, tweezers and nail file makes it more feminine-oriented, but you can always get the sled for the bike with specific tools for same or the one featuring storage space for credit cards, $ and the like instead).

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