Swiss Safe First Aid Kit Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Any first aid guide will give you a list of first aid supplies to include when camping, and one of the things you want to make sure you bring is a fire starter! Medical supplies aren’t very useful if you can’t see, but our #1 choice for best all weather matches can be a source of light and heat anywhere. Every safe first aid kit has a waterproof fire starter, which is probably the most important outdoor gear that everyone must include in their checklist.

Why We Like It – Swiss Safe First Aid Kit

These Swiss Safe water resistant fire starters are an essential part of any emergency kit. This 5-In-1 kit comes with a magnesium rod, a striker, paracord, an emergency whistle, and a built-in compass, making it a perfect product to bring along with a small first aid kit. Be smart, get prepared before you go out!

  • Each Package Contains Two High Quality Fire Starters
  • The Emergency Whistle Is Perfect To Accompany Any Top First Aid Kits
  • Small Enough To Fit In A Carrying Case
  • The Fire Starters Have A Learning Curve
  • Not FDA Approved

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This fire starter is an important part of any first aid kit. Offering over 16,000 strikes on the magnesium rod, this 5-in-1 product is an essential part of any aid kit. The fire starter comes with a compass, paracord, and an emergency whistle. The wilderness can be an unforgiving place, but this product helps you stay prepared. Using the paracord, you can tie your first aid kits together so you don’t lose any materials. If first aid isn’t enough & you need serious medical help, find your way with the compass or attract attention to yourself with the whistle.


The best first aid kit is one that is compact, and this product is the perfect size for meeting that requirement. The five inch length shows a lot of thought on the part of Swiss Safe. First aid kits need to be easy to carry. This product combines the fire starter, compass, paracord, and compass into one so it’s extremely easy to carry. It takes up less space than the UCO Stormproof All Weather Matches and Case, and will provide much-needed light for delivering medical care like sting relief. The best first aid setup should include this product.


When it comes to creating an aid kit, first choices often aren’t cheap. Thankfully, this fire starter is a fairly cheap piece. First aid materials can cost you a lot of money, but this product is under $14 so it’s an affordable but high quality start for any kit. First aid kits often don’t include sufficient fire starters. This one is good for over 16,000 strikes, as opposed to Coghlans Waterproof Matches 10 Pack, which is only good for 400 strikes. Don’t buy a one piece first aid kit; make one from scratch for cheap!

Swiss Safe First Aid Kit Wrap Up

This 5-In-1 fire starter kit is perfect if you find yourself in the woods, be it by accident or on purpose. First aid is always something you want to avoid needing, so make sure you pack with a purpose. First aid kit essentials are bandages, fire starters, and a compass. Although this type of fire starter does have a learning curve, it will be exactly what you want when it’s cold, raining, & you need to start a fire.

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