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The Seagate STGY80000 External Hard Drive is a portable hard drive that saves all the data you would like to take along with you. It has a simple drag and drop function which makes it easy to manage on your Mac or PC. This is among one of the Best External Hard Drives from our list.

Why We Like It – Seagate STGY80000 External Hard Drive

The Seagate STGY80000 External Hard Drive is a device capable of saving all your important data from files, music, photos, and more. These external hard drives are user friendly because they don’t require software to be installed onto your Mac or PC. In case you accidentally delete some important data, you still have options to recover it.

  • Over 8TB of storage
  • Great transfer speeds
  • Will take a good amount of space from your working area


These hard drives can work with either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 connection. The USB cable to plug into your Mac or PC is 18 inches. It requires no installation software which makes it a breeze to use if you aren’t as tech savvy. It has a staggering 8TB of storage, so if you were looking for something a bit smaller, a better option may be the Western digital elements external hard drive.


If the Seagate desktop external hard drive is not enough for you, there are other versions like the Seagate backup plus ultra touch slim hub which features 10TB of storage and offers auto back up. This hard drive is multi-functional and can be used on consoles like the Xbox one to store your video game data. Another great touch for these portable hard drives was the one year rescue data recovery services. If you would like to see competitors’ products, you may want to consider checking out the Lacie rugged.


These portable external drives have 8TB of space available, so it is slightly higher priced than other items such as the Toshiba canvio basics. Rest assured you are getting a quality item with massive storage and simple functionality. Customer reviews revealed that write speeds start to vary the more you fill up this external hard drive, so be wary of that. Thanks to the drag and drop function, the most you have to do on your computer is click and drag, and your data is safely stored.

Seagate STGY80000 External Hard Drive Wrap Up

If the Seagate STGY80000 External Hard Drive is not the portable drive for you, there are other options like the Seagate backup plus slim which will include more USB ports and space. If you decide to go with this hard drive you will be going with a spacious 8TB. This hard drive takes up no installation time, so it is ready to go the instant you purchase it and connect to your computer via USB. Thanks to the backup software, you will have one year to restore any lost data in case of any accidental deleting.

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