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Updated: Feb 7, 2024 8:42 AM
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What are the features that make the best RGB strips for a PC? If you’re looking for a way to dress up the best gaming monitors and peripherals with a programmable light strip, you’ll first want to look for LED strip lights that offer flexible mounting options so that you can customize your RGB lighting kit for your particular gaming rig.

Next, the best RGB LED strips should come with an RGB controller or individually addressable LED lights so you can easily program the RGB color effects. Finally, the best RGB LED strips should provide some way of controlling heat buildup in your PC. Some models include extra fans, while some provide RGB controller software-based cooling solutions.

Many gamers use RGB strips to dress up and personalize the gaming PC or the best gaming monitors for PS4. Especially popular for custom and upgraded PCs, RGB strips allow for a wide variety of lighting effects, including an enormous number of different color options. Along with custom PC cases and the best cable management solutions, they’re great for adding some visual aesthetic touches to a custom gaming rig.

Keep reading our Best RGB strips for a PC buying guide to learn more.

Top RGB Strips for PC

 #1  airgoo AGMGCL0001 RGB Strip


WHY WE LIKE IT: Users will love this excellent model for its dynamic glow that can set the mood for laid-back casual gaming or an intense multiplayer death match. With multiple available modes and a simple plug-and-play installation, this is a fantastic complement to any gamer’s setup.

  • Super-simple installation
  • Mulitple lighting modes
  • RGB SYNC compatibility
  • Sub-par magnets

The airgoo AGMGCL0001 RGB strip kit is a fantastic unit for users looking to add a stunning finish to their latest PC build. With eye-catching 42 RGB LEDs across the two included strips, this kit can display flashes of color or a slow and gradual shift through the rainbow. Additionally, this unit works with RGB SYNC-compatible motherboards with a 12V 4-pin header. While the magnets aren’t the strongest, they are flexible enough to hide within most PC cases.

In addition to stunning colors and good motherboard compatibility, the airgoo AGMGCL0001 RGB strip kit offers a simple setup that any DIY-oriented PC user can handle. The 4-pin heads on the LED strips daisy-chain together for up to four strips to fit in even a massive PC case. Additionally, the long-lasting LEDs in this airgoo kit are rated for up to 10,000 hours. Lastly, these strips are IP44 water protected, so users with water-cooled setups are good to go.

 #2  EZDIY-FAB EZDPI129-2 RGB Strip


WHY WE LIKE IT: This RGB unit features flexible parts that make it simple to fit in any gaming or streaming setup. With multiple installation options and a durable silicone coating, this RGB set provides users with everything they need to make a statement.

  • Impressive effects
  • ARGB motherboard sync
  • Multiple installation options
  • No color options for white wiring or mounts

The EZDIY-FAB EZDPI129-2 ARGB strip kit is an excellent option for users that value choice in how they customize their PC or gaming setup. With a soft silicone exterior and brilliant 66 ARGB LEDs, this kit delivers a diffused light that results in smooth and long-lasting color effects. Additionally, this kit works with 5V ARGB-compatible motherboards to offer full control over the patterns and colors to set the mood. While the connection cord and mounts only come in one color, the strips and mounts are small enough to conceal behind PC hardware.

In addition to bright colors and customization, the EZDIY-FAB EZDPI129-2 ARGB strip kit keeps users in control of their setup with multiple mounting options. The thin 100mm strips feature a flexible circuit board that keeps your lighting dot-free, and they easily curve to fit around corners and PC parts. Additionally, the mounting brackets come with double-sided tape and magnets so users can decide how they want to attach the strips.

 #3  Speclux BS-PC028-28L-ARGBx2 RGB Strip


WHY WE LIKE IT: This slim and versatile lighting kit features enough parts and pieces to fit most computer setups or wrap around the back of a monitor. Users will love the support for gameplay integration that responds to the action and a simple installation process.

  • Impressive gameplay integration
  • Easily curve into position
  • Great waterproofing
  • Fewer LEDs compared to other brands

The Speclux BS-PC028-28L-ARGBx2 RGB strip is an excellent choice for users looking to put the finishing touches on a fresh PC build or aspiring streaming looking to grow viewership through an intriguing LED glow. Pair it with the top steam deck, and you’ll be ready to stream. This kit delivers a combined 32-inches of the LED strip that is big enough to fill any seethrough case with the soft glow of RGB light. While there are only 28 LED lights, this kit features full customization through apps like RGB SYNC.

In addition to bright LEDs and a soft glow, the Speclux BS-PC028-28L-ARGBx2 delivers serious lighting with minimal setup. This easy-to-install RGB kit includes LED strips that are easy to bend into place, and the included mounting brackets offer both magnetic and 3M adhesive options so users can choose how permanent they want their lighting to be. Compatible with 5V 3-pin motherboards, this RGB kit will deliver a pleasing aesthetic to any game room or office.

 #4  LEDdess RGB Strip

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This set delivers an incredibly simple setup and enough length to illuminate your home office with a complete spectrum of color. Users will love the dotted design that can make even an average computer setup look premium and exciting.

  • Extremely thin
  • Good magnets
  • 5V 3-pin connectivity
  • No customization features

The LEDdess RGB strip is a great choice for users looking to add illuminated accents to their PC case or around their entertainment center. This LED kit offers a rainbow-dotted design that can outline a case window and bring attention to the impressive parts that make your gaming setup roar. While this kit doesn’t offer features like strobing, light blending, or RGB Sync, users will love the ultra-thin design that makes it simple to fit in even a small PC case.

In addition to great aesthetics and being an easy fit in most PC cases, the LEDdess RGB strip features enough cord length to illuminate an entire gaming space. Additionally, the strong magnets make installation super simple, and you can easily reconfigure your LEDs without cleaning messy adhesive. The long power cable ensures you’ll be able to reach your PC’s motherboard pin connection, and the LEDs illuminate immediately upon plugging them in.

 #5  AsiaHorse RGB Strip


WHY WE LIKE IT: This brilliant kit features a design that’s meant to be seen, and users will love the easy tool-free installation that relies on powerful magnets. With software customization features and an incredible crystalline design, this is the perfect kit to highlight a strong computer.

  • Fantastic aesthetic
  • Good compatibility
  • Strong magnets
  • No serial passthrough

The AsiaHorse ARGB LED strip kit is a stellar choice for users looking to make their powerful PC shine. The stunning crystalline design works to diffuse light for a soft and bright accent for your game room or programming setup. This kit offers enough length to cover most PC cases, and the powerful magnetic strip makes installation easy and easily adjustable. While there isn’t a serial passthrough for continuous patterns, this kit offers 5V ARGB Sync for incredible customization.

In addition to a stunning design and easy installation, the AsiaHorse ARGB LED strip kit provides users with plenty of options to fit many moods or interior designs. While the crystalline texture is meant to be seen, the strips are thin enough to hide away for a mysterious LED accent. For users looking for a permanent lighting solution, this kit includes adhesive strips. Additionally, with ARGB sync, users can set this lighting setup to highlight intense gameplay or stream donations.

 #6  ATTAV RGB Strip


WHY WE LIKE IT: This simple and reliable lighting set provides users with wireless commands and plenty of options to highlight their gaming setup or set the atmosphere for a movie night with friends. With multiple modes and easy installation, users will love this versatile model.

  • Fantastic lighting modes
  • Great remote
  • Bright LEDs
  • Sub-par magnets

The ATTAV RGB LED strip kit is a fantastic complement to users who utilize a multimedia PC for streaming media or local digital content. This kit features a simple installation that utilizes SATA power and 12V 4-pin connectors to maintain wide compatibility across PC brands. While the magnets lack strength in certain positions, users will appreciate the slim size that makes it easy to hide behind the television or PC components.

In addition to easy installation and wide compatibility, the ATTAV RGB LED strip offers the 360-degree Omni RF Remote Control for wireless control of the LED strip. The remote allows users to turn the lights on or off, and the expanded options offer full control over the LED brightness and static color adjustment. Lastly, the remote features a dynamic mode adjustment button that allows users to cycle through lighting patterns like strobing, fading, random lighting, and more.

Beginners Guide to RGB Strips

What Are RGB Strips for a PC?

RGB strips for a PC consist of small RGB LEDs, connectors, flexible wires, and backing material for mounting them on a surface. The backing material may use adhesive tape or magnets. RGB strips can also include white LEDs. RGB light kits provide various ways of controlling and programming the lights. Some systems use PC software, some use a Bluetooth receiver and smartphone app, and some use a simple external remote control.

How RGB Strips for a PC Work

On a basic level, RGB strips are strips of flexible wiring with RGB LED lights on them. They often have adhesive tape or built-in magnets so that you can place them just about anywhere. Most PC RGB lights include a controller or a way of connecting them to your system, such as a 4-Pin header. Some have more sophisticated software that allows you to program cool lighting effects and synchronize multiple RGB LED light strips to your PC, a great 75Hz gaming monitor, and peripherals. Programming them can be slightly different depending on whether they’re addressable and whether you’re using a separate remote control. Addressable RGB LED strips allow you to program the individual diodes of each strip, allowing more dynamic lighting options. Most RGB strips use a standard HEX code to program the colors, just like in graphic design software.

Why Should You Buy New RGB Strips for a PC?

Do you need RGB strips? While they don’t add any functionality to your gaming PC, they’re a great way to add some color or accent lighting to a custom PC you’re building. They also provide a simple and enjoyable way to put some programming skills to use. So if you enjoy hardware and easy wiring tasks, you can experiment with a virtually unlimited array of custom color combinations. You can also add unique design touches to an otherwise drab PC gaming setup. Finally, on a practical level, RGB strips can make it easier to troubleshoot loose cables and make adjustments to your gaming monitor in an otherwise dark room.

If you already have a motherboard with lighting or some RGB light accessories, you might still want to upgrade to newer or more sophisticated addressable RGB strips. New models have more customizable software and lower power drain. They also have more convenient mounting options, so you don’t have to worry about double-sided tape. If your current LED strip lighting is creating too much heat, a newer set of RGB light strips equipped with additional fans or a liquid cooling system might solve the problem while still offering a wide range of color schemes.

Is an RGB Strip Worth Buying?

Dress up Your New Gaming Machine: If you’re looking for a way to make your new gaming machine stand out, an RGB lighting kit can provide some custom aesthetics for a unique look. RGB lighting kits offer millions of color options, and their modular design makes them endlessly configurable. Thus, they enable a degree of personalization most new machines don’t offer from the factory.

Add Ambient Light for Streaming: A set of addressable LED strip lights can help get the lighting for your streaming setup just right, adding accent and custom colors without overwhelming your primary light sources or casting harsh shadows. In addition, synchronized RGB LED light strips can add ambiance and dramatic flair for going live on streaming platforms. Coupled with the best monitor for streaming, you’ll be set.

Programming DIY Project: If you like to tinker with wires, PCBs, and connectors as a hobby, RGB lights are an easy, fun project. They are simple to install, and some LED strip light kits offer custom DIY programming options. You can play around with color combinations and control the lights with a wireless base station, Raspberry Pi unit, or your PC.

Match Your Other Gaming Peripherals: If you’re looking for more design freedom than you get with standard RGB gaming keyboards and other accessories, then configurable RGB products might be excellent gaming peripherals. You can use these to add matching lights to a gaming keyboard, mouse, monitor, and headset. Many kits come with an additional controller that gives you even more freedom to arrange the LED strips however you like.

Why RGB Strips Might Not Be For You

Wary of a Too-Gaudy Aesthetic: While RGB LEDs can be “loud” and garish, with neon RGB strips especially known for generating a “raver” look, you can also use programmable RGB strip lights to create very subtle accent lighting. Some gamers and creators prefer to go with a minimal look, using a single strip of lights behind a PC tower or at the base of a keyboard.

Concerns about Power Usage: If you’re concerned that the additional power draw of RGB lighting will affect your motherboard performance, you might understandably be hesitant to install strip lights on your gaming PC. However, newer 5-Pin RGB headers typically use less power than the older 12V 4-Pin RGB LED header designs. In addition, many modern ARGB strips come with a 3-pin connector type and only use 5 volts.

Concerns about Heat Buildup: You may have read about or experienced the issue of heat buildup due to large numbers of LED RGB lights. While this can be an issue if the system isn’t programmed to account for it, especially on an overclocked gaming PC, there are ways around it. For example, many RGB kits come with additional cooling fans.

How Long Do RGB Strips for a PC Last?

LEDs are known for their very long service lifetimes compared to other forms of lighting. This is true for RGB strip lights too. The individual LEDs have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. Other factors that affect LED lifespan include the power level and the temperature. A PC RGB LED strip will thus last longer if it (and the PC itself) is kept cool. Over time, typically after five to six years of normal operation, LEDs may begin to shift colors or noticeably lose brightness.

LED strip light components such as the double-sided tape backing, RGB headers, flexible magnetic strips, and 4-pin connectors may wear out before the actual LEDs do. Humidity and temperature play a role here, too, especially with the adhesive-based budget RGB strips. Expect the adhesive tape to last two to three years. LED strips with in-built magnets will remain in place indefinitely, as long as there’s a ferrous metal surface for them.

Controllers and base stations can last anywhere from one to ten years. Most built-in controller units use relatively simple, low maintenance, low-power electronics and can theoretically last decades.

Most LED RGB strips are designed for indoor use and are not waterproof; thus, keeping them safe from spills and liquid damage will prolong their useful life. You can find IPX-rated water-resistant LED strip lights, but they are less flexible and harder to mount due to the stiffness of their water-resistant coatings. If your gaming workstation happens to be in a steam room or poolside cabana, however, then water-resistant LED strip lights might be a good idea.

How to Choose the Best RGB Strips for a PC

Several factors influence choosing the best RGB strips for your PC, gaming monitor, and other peripherals. Among the major considerations are your personal aesthetic preferences, the size of your gaming setup, whether you use a clear or opaque PC tower, whether you have extra fans or a liquid cooling system, and what kind of programming you’re willing to undertake.

RGB Strips for a PC Key Factors

1. What Are Your Aesthetic Goals?

Subjectively, the best RGB strip kit for you will depend largely on what visual effects you’re trying to accomplish. If you prefer to keep things simple, for example, you might want to stick with a kit that includes a single-channel controller, a separate power supply, and a small number of LEDs per strip. If you want more complex effects, or the ability to program different custom color options for individual strips, you’ll want ARGB strips that offer you complete control over individual diode output, letting you achieve the full RGB color spectrum.

2. Do you want to use an external control box or RGB lighting controller software?

Depending on your comfort level with programming simple hardware, you might want to use an external controller module; this can add to the fun of the project as well as simplify the color choices and minimize the performance drain on your PC. On the other hand, if you want even more complex synchronized effects and don’t mind running a software suite to do so, you can easily create effects such as smooth color gradients. Many RGB light strips and RGBW strips now come with Bluetooth or wireless connectivity, letting you use your smartphone as a remote control or programming unit.

3. Do you already have an RGB LED setup?

If you’re starting from scratch, you can plan your whole lighting scheme based on your aesthetic goals and what kind of PC and peripherals you’re using. If you already have some RGB light strips installed, you might find it easier to add an expansion kit and upgrade the existing system. Many digital RGB kits are modular and allow you to expand the number of lights or add cooling fans while using the same control ecosystem.

4. What type of PC, monitor, and peripheral setup are you using?

An expansive dual-monitor setup might call for a different RGB lighting kit than a single monitor. Likewise, if you run a custom gaming PC with a clear shell, you might want to use several smaller RGB strips to add various lighting effects. On the other hand, a PC with an opaque case might call for a single smooth lighting strip to create a backlit effect. Likewise, depending on the style of your keyboard, monitor, and controller, you might want different kinds of ambient lighting kit types. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a stream deck instead.

Best RGB Strips for PC Questions (FAQ)

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