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What are the features that make for the best cable management solutions for your gaming computer or workstation? It starts with solid build quality so that a cable organizer can hold your cables securely and release them smoothly time and again without coming loose or breaking.

Next, a decent cable management system should be versatile enough to work with various cord sizes. Even if you bought the best gaming monitor, PC, speakers, controllers, and other peripherals that you can afford, you need to configure them in a way that works best for you and minimizes cable clutter. Finally, the best cable organizers should be easy to use and intuitive to assemble. After all, good cable management is supposed to save time as well as look better.

Keep reading our cable management buying guide to learn more.

Top Cable Management

 #1  OHill OH-CBC-16 Cable Management


WHY WE LIKE IT: This computer accessory is an easy to use and durable choice for a clean PC setup or manicured minimalist entertainment center. With multiple pieces and simple applications, this organizational tool is a benefit to any tech-savvy home.

  • Extremely durable
  • Great versatility
  • Simple installation
  • Sub-par adhesive

The OHill OH-CBC-16 cable clips are a fantastic set for users looking to minimize visual noise while they watch movies in the living room or play on a powerful PC setup. This kit comes with 16 sturdy rubber clips that offer many uses beyond simple cable management. Users can use these clips to hold pens and pencils on a desk, or they can hold toothbrushes in the family bathroom. While the adhesive isn’t strong on all surfaces, it works best on a freshly-cleaned surface and the clip should be left in place for 24 hours before holding weight.

In addition to versatility and easy installation, the OHill OH-CBC-16 cable clip set comes with enough variety to suit many uses around the house. The small single clips are ideal for areas like nightstands and kitchen counters where users want a secure charging station. Additionally, the multi-slot clips are excellent for a PC power user that wants to maintain a look of cleanliness in their office.

 #2  Delamu Cable Management


WHY WE LIKE IT: This clean-looking management solution provides a versatile set with enough pieces to meet the needs of an entire media center or wired internet setup. Additionally, users will love the simple installation that keeps kids and animals from getting tangled up under the television.

  • Versitile installation options
  • Minimalist look
  • Paintable exterior
  • Adhesive can damage walls

The Delamu cord cover raceway kit is an excellent choice for users looking for a simple and clean-looking solution to wire nests under the television set or in an office. This cable management solution is made from durable PVC that holds up to light bumps or kicks, and users can paint over the pieces to blend in with a wall. While the included adhesive tape is extremely strong, it can damage painted walls upon removal.

In addition to durability and a minimalistic look, the Delamu cord cover raceway kit features a ton of pieces to suit a variety of needs. This kit includes 10 straight PVC channels and multiple parts to tackle corners and rounded edges. Additionally, with two T-connectors, this kit is well equipped to cleanly distribute ethernet internet to multiple computers. Lastly, for users concerned about the adhesive strips, this kit comes with all necessary screws and mounts for alternative installation.

 #3  PASOW 4330221842 Cable Management


WHY WE LIKE IT: This small kit offers a phenomenally simple way to manage an ethernet setup or neatly store electronic devices. Users will love this extensive set that features enough pieces to manage most electronics and keep their desk, entertainment center, or smartphone charging station looking neat.

  • Impressive amount of pieces
  • Super easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • Not for heavy wires

The PASOW 4330221842 cable management kit is a sellar pick for users who want a simple and versatile option for cleaning up their entertainment center or work desk. This kit includes 50 individual hook and loop ties that are reusable and easy to install. Additionally, this is a great pick for users that want to organize their device chargers or wired game controllers. While these cable ties won’t work well for heavy wires or ropes, they fit most cable bunches that would come from a PC or internet router.

In addition to ease of use, the PASOW 4330221842 cable management kit features enough pieces to help users away from their desks or entertainment center. These versatile ties can simplify your travel bag by tying up the electrical cords for hair dryers or electric razors. Additionally, users can use these nylon straps to organize the multitude of charging cords lying around the house. Lastly, these straps can simplify a streaming setup, or make your desk seem a bit less cluttered.

 #4  JOTO JOTO-CS-ZIP-20 Cable Management


WHY WE LIKE IT: This simple to use organizational tool features a clean look and customization to free your work environment from trip hazards and visual noise. With a form-fitting design and enough material to tackle multiple spaces, users will love this kit.

  • Great customization
  • Multiple organizers in the kit
  • Flexible and form-fitting
  • No mounting option

The JOTO JOTO-CS-ZIP-20 cable sleeve kit is an excellent pick for users looking for a straightforward option to reign in their messy PC or entertainment center setup. The four included cable sleeves are 20” long, and they are made from durable and flexible neoprene. Users simply place their cables in the sleeve and zip the sleeve closed to simplify a wire-based mess. While there aren’t any mounting options included in the kit, these sleeves are lightweight and easy to hide.

In addition to durability and flexibility, the zipper sleeves in the JOTO JOTO-CS-ZIP-20 cable management kit are form-fitting to secure around up to 8-10 cables. Additionally, users can zip multiple sleeves together to fit extremely large bundles of cables and wires. For users who want customization, these cable sleeves are easy to cut for occasions when you want to direct wires in different directions for phone charging stations or computer labs.

 #5  Alex Tech Sr1/2inblack10ft Cable Management


WHY WE LIKE IT: Pet owners will love this insulated management tool to keep their furry friends from ruining their electronics or getting tangled under the entertainment center. With simple installation and plenty of room for customization, this is an excellent pick.

  • Fantastic insulation
  • Durable build quality
  • Extensive customization
  • No mounting option

The Alex Tech Sr1/2inblack10ft is a stellar choice for users looking to keep their cats, dogs, and other pets from ruining their expensive electronics. The material is a split wire loom that makes it simple to add wires and keep your PC or device charging station looking nice and unappealing to teething animals. While there isn’t an included mounting option, it is thin enough to easily tie to a table leg or baseboard.

In addition to durability and pet safety, the Alex Tech Sr1/2inblack10ft cable protection loom is great for customizing your wire maintenance. The split design makes it easy to leave spots for device chargers or ethernet connections at multiple computers in a shared workspace or school computer lab. Additionally, the loom material is rated for up to 257-degrees, so you can even use it for car subwoofers or a more extensive project under the hood.

 #6  Yecaye JCCR-05 Cable Management


WHY WE LIKE IT: This easy-to-install wire organization solution features a premium build quality and professional look to fit in any office or household. Additionally, users will love the ability to quickly add or remove devices thanks to the open-top design.

  • Extremely premium design
  • Easy to add more wires
  • Simple installation
  • No option for screws

The Yecaye JCCR-05 cable management solution is a durable and premium-looking tool that fits in any living room or minimalist kitchen. This cable management kit comes with six 15” pieces that can hold up to 15 wires, and the non-locking top makes it simple to add or remove wires as your setup changes. While there aren’t holes for screwing these organizers in place, the organizers come with a long roll or adhesive tape to firmly attach to most flat surfaces.

In addition to versatility and simple cable organization, the Yecaye JCCR-05 cable management set is made from a lightweight plastic that holds up under a desk or along a wall. Additionally, the adhesive tape is easy to remove after applying a small amount of heat. With these cable organizers, your expensive electronics can stay safe from chewing animals or vacuuming under a desk. Lastly, these cable organizers are easy to cut to size if you need a small section covered.

Beginners’ Guide to Cable Management

What Is Cable Management?

Cable management refers to various types of organizers for cables and power strips. Cable management solutions include cable holders, cable clips, stick-on cable ties, and cable management boxes with space for USB and power cords in various sizes. Cable boxes may serve to cover and disguise wiring completely, or they may simply prevent bundles of cables from getting tangled. A well-placed cable tray also makes it easier to plug and unplug frequently used accessories.

Cable Management Vs Other Gaming Monitor Accessories

In the context of gaming monitors and peripherals, cable organizers are an essential but often overlooked accessory for setting up your ideal gaming space and workstation. Well-sorted cable management turns messy cables into clean and well-organized systems. This, in turn, makes it easier to troubleshoot power strip or surge protector issues.

Compared to gaming monitor accessories like screen filters and blue light glasses, cable clips are usually less expensive, more universal, and easier to install. And unlike lighting solutions like the best RGB strips for a PC that require power, you don’t need to make any changes to your computer to use cable ties. Unlike gaming headsets and mouse systems, cable sleeves and clips may not have an immediate impact on your gaming performance. However, they do provide a cleaner and less stressful workspace. A well-designed cable box also makes it easier to switch out gaming PC accessories such as tethered DSLRs with the best capture cards, headsets, hard drives, keyboards, and mice.

How Cable Management Works

Most organizing solutions for PC and other appliance cables use a set of clips or clamps to hold the wires in place and prevent them from getting tangled into a cable mess. Traditional cable organizers usually consist of boxes with two or more evenly spaced slots for threading cables through them. Some cable management devices feature adhesive clips so you can place the cords along the side or underside of a desk, further reducing visual clutter.

The ease of installing cable management accessories depends on the number of cables you have, the types of individual cables, and the kind of cord organizers you use. The best solution for a given workspace or gaming setup depends on personal aesthetic preferences and the number of peripherals in use. Regardless of the type, the general purpose of cable and cord organizers is to help make it easier to keep track of your various cables and power cords and to preserve a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing work, and gaming environment.

Why Should You Buy New Cable Management?

If you’re tired of dealing with a complicated nest of cables every time you glance around your PC and console-setup, or if you’ve just purchased new wired gaming accessories like a gaming keyboard or headset, it might be a great time to look into a new cable management option.

When adding a surge protector or power strip, you might no longer be able to use the same cable clips or cord organizers you were using before. The inclusion of a larger power cord, new laptop charger, and USB cables along with VGA and audio cables can easily lead to a mess of cords that makes it inconvenient to plug in a phone charger or swap out an external drive. An up-to-date docking station can fit USB-C cables, power cables, and more, making it easier to plug and unplug your electronic devices and saving time.

A new cable management solution can help keep your cables neat and out of sight, reducing visual clutter and cutting down on distractions. The most recent versions of many popular and durable solutions for cable tidying also come in various colors, including pastel colors. This can help personalize the appearance of your workspace and color-code your cable setup.

Are Cable Organizers Worth Buying?

Workstations With Lots of Peripherals: If you have multi-purpose gaming and home office space, chances are you have multiple peripheral devices with their own power or data cables. A good cable cover strip or cable sleeve helps keep track of all these cords and preserves a neat appearance.

Adding New Gaming Accessories: When optimizing a gaming desk with a new monitor, controllers, or other peripherals like wired gaming keyboards, webcams, and headsets, an effective cord organizer can make setup and installation much more convenient. A cable cover strip or cable mounts help keep your cables in one place and avoid cord clutter.

Moving Your Desk: Some traditional cable organizers tend to be location-specific. Wall-mounted cable strips only work well if there’s a suitable wall nearby, for example, and desk-mounted cable trays work better on some desks than others. If you’re moving your desk and work area from one room to another, you may find that you need a new cable organizer sleeve or cable chain to fit the new space.

New Home Office Furniture: Especially if you’re getting a new desk or adding a stereo and monitor cabinet, new furniture can mean you’ll benefit from a new cable organizing system to better keep the mess of wires in check. A switch to a taller or wider desk, for instance, may mean it’s time for an upgraded cable concealer.

Why Cable Management Might Not Be for You

Mostly Wireless Accessories: Using mainly portable, wireless input devices such as Bluetooth keyboards and wireless mice may mean you’ll have fewer data cables plugged in much of the time. But you still may find you prefer the appearance of good desk cable management for your power strip, phone cords, and laptop chargers.

Desk With Built-In Cable Pass-Through: If your gaming desk comes with a pass-through for cables, you can use this built-in feature as part of your cable organization strategy. However, for longer power cables and wiring for routers and speakers, you might find that the pass-through slots are not always placed conveniently. An additional cable sleeve or cable concealer mounted outside the desk might help.

Concerned About Installation Time: While it’s true that some bespoke cable management systems are especially intricate, you needn’t spend a huge amount of time carefully threading cables to enjoy a more orderly and visually cleaner workspace. Some modern cord holder solutions take five minutes or less to install.

How Long Will Cable Management Last?

The lifespan of a cable organizer depends on the materials used and the build quality of the cable ties, boxes, and fasteners. Plastic cable clips typically have an expected lifespan of two to five years. Under normal indoor conditions, plastic and metal cable trays can last many years, with a shelf-life far beyond that of the electrical and data cables themselves.

The lifespan of plastic cable ties depends on the temperature and humidity and how often they are clipped and unclipped. In general, these plastic ties last two to five years under normal conditions. Cord organizers with steel wire construction last longer unless exposed to extremely high humidity or saltwater, in which case they can start to rust after a year or two.

Adhesive backing pads on the desk and wall-mounted cable organizers tend to wear out soonest, having an expected longevity of one to two years. However, these pads are easier to install than bolt-in cable organizers.

How to Choose the Best Cable Management

To pick the best cable management system for your needs, key factors include the types of accessories you have, the shape of your workspace, and the length of your power and data cables.

If you use a wired gaming keyboard, gaming monitor, and mouse, you’ll want to keep each peripheral’s power and data cables in a designated space and avoid cord spaghetti. In setups with multiple devices, the number of power cables involved will in part determine the requirements for your cord holder. In general, great cable management systems feature easy-to-use fasteners, space for multiple cords of various sizes, and durable, high-quality materials.

Cable Management Key Factors

1. What’s your workspace furnishing style?

When selecting the type of cable management for a work or gaming setup, one factor that comes into consideration is the style and type of furniture you’re using. If you keep your keyboard on a standing desk, for example, you’ll want to select cord organizers that work with the optimal placement of devices on the desktop. This will likely mean a different cable setup than what you’d need if using a wall-mounted monitor or a traditional seated desk.

2. Location of Outlets and Modems

Another factor to consider is how long and how easily tangled your power cords and modem cables are. If your desk is relatively far from the wall outlets and you use a surge protector with an extension cord, you might want a longer cable tray or a set of cable ties that allow you to secure the cords neatly along a wall or molding area.

3. Number of Devices and Connection Types

The more wired devices you use at one time, the more cables you’ll likely have to organize. If you use a stereo system, external monitor, or multi-monitor setup, with or without limited RGB vs full RGB, for example, you may have three or four different types of cables in addition to the usual peripheral USB or HDMI interfaces to deal with. This can make a difference in what kind of cable organizer works best.

4. Size of Gaming or Work Area

When working with limited space, it’s even more essential to keep power supplies, hard drives, mobile chargers, and accessory power cables neatly organized. Thus, compact and well-integrated cable management is a must for optimizing smaller workspaces. On the other hand, a tidy cable solution is also very convenient if you have a large space and don’t want to walk a long way to untangle a mess of wires.

Best Cable Management Questions (FAQ)

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