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best 32 inch monitor guide that shows the top best computer monitor model

When you’re looking for the best 32-inch monitor, key features include excellent contrast ratios, wide color gamut coverage, and high brightness. These ensure vibrant, accurate colors and dynamic scenes, whether you’re working in a bright office or watching movies at home. A smooth refresh rate and low input lag enhance your viewing and gaming experience, making interactions seamless and enjoyable​​​​.

We analyzed 196 monitors and certified 5 as the best. Our process involved sifting through 320,848 reviews, where 71% of experts were found untrustworthy. Using our True Score and Trust Score, we filtered out fake and low quality reviews, ensuring only high-performing monitors made the cut. These top choices excelled in image quality, responsiveness, and ergonomics, proving their superiority in real-world usage​​​​.

How Did We Rank the Best 32 Inch Monitors?

Gadget Review’s buying guide for the best 32-inch monitors is built on a foundation of meticulous research and expert analysis. We analyzed feedback from over 200 websites, diving deep into testing methods and customer experiences to identify the features that matter most. Our true score system synthesizes these insights into clear recommendations, focusing on 2 required test results and 1 must-have specifications. This ensures our guide reflects not just expert opinions but real-world performance and reliability.

Our commitment to unbiased reviews is powered by our ‘True Score’ system, targeting low quality and fake reviews. When you shop through our links, you’re backing our mission. Dive deeper to see how.

?️ Minimum Specifications

  • Screen size must be 32″.

? Test Criteria

  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 or higher (infinite), offering deep blacks and bright whites for an exceptional viewing experience.
  • Color Accuracy: At least 90% of the (sRGB or Adobe or DCI P3) color gamut, providing rich and vibrant colors.

Latest Updates

  • 04/29/2024: Published the list of best 32 inch monitors based on our True Score system.

Top Best 32 Inch Monitors For 2024

Prices accurate at the time of publishing

See how we test the testers

  • Runner Up

    Best Value

    Best Budget

    gr recommended award

    Best Mid-Range

    Dell S3222DGM

    Offering great value, the Dell S3222DGM combines excellent brightness and contrast with solid color accuracy for a budget-friendly, high-performance productivity and multimedia monitor, though it falls short in its input lag.

    Dell S3222DGM Review →

    True Score





    SAVE $32


    Reasons to Buy

    • Exceptional contrast levels
    • Good color accuracy
    • Fast refresh rate
    • Good reflection handling
    • Decent peak brightness levels

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Poor viewing angles
    • Limited ergonomics
    • No support for HDR content


    Display TypeVA
    HDMI Inputs2
    HDR Formatn/a
    Max Resolution2560 x 1440
    Panel TypePanel TypeVA
    Refresh Rate165 Hz
    Response TimeResponse Time2 ms
    Screen size32"
    Sync TechnologySync TechnologyAMD FreeSync

    Test Results

    Brightness (nits)337
    Contrast Ratio (as ratio x:1)4,283
    Color Gamut/Accuracy % (DCI P3 xy)85
    Color Gamut/Accuracy % (DCI P3 uv)0
    Color Gamut % (sRGB Coverage xy)98
    Color Gamut % (Adobe RGB Coverage xy)82
    Color Gamut % (Rec. 2020 Coverage xy)0
    Color Gamut % (Rec. 709 Coverage xy)0
    Input Lag (ms)18
    Response Time (ms)5
    Horizontal Viewing Angle (Washout Left)27
    Horizontal Viewing Angle (Washout Right)28
    Vertical Viewing Angle (Washout Above)27
    Vertical Viewing Angle (Washout Below)26
    Reflections % (Total Reflections)5

    All Retailers

    • $288.44
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    • $319.00
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    • $329.99


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    Our Verdict

    If you’re looking for a 32-inch monitor on a budget, the Dell S3222DGM is a fantastic productivity monitor with an incredible price tag. It has a solid brightness level of 337.14 nits, making it suitable for office and home environments, especially those with lots of ambient light. Its outstanding contrast ratio of 4282.5:1 also provides outstanding depth to whatever multimedia content you enjoy, with excellent, rich blacks and bright whites.

    The S32’s color gamut performance further cements its usefulness as a multimedia monitor. Its DCI P3 xy coverage of 85% gives it great performance when watching movies, while its sRGB coverage of 98.10% makes it excellent for web browsing and web design. The color accuracy pairs well with the 2560 x 1440 resolution, which provides a good balance of clarity and performance for various types of content.

    The S32’s biggest compromise is in gaming. While its response time is an excellent, snappy 5.0 ms, the input lag is 18.25 ms, which is not ideal for anything but casual gaming. The high 165 Hz refresh rate and fantastic response time mean the monitor is great for fast-paced media, though.

    The Dell S3222DGM offers impressive performance and value, making it a solid choice for anyone seeking a high-quality, affordable monitor. If you need an excellent productivity monitor that works well in an office for any kind of task you can throw at it, or want a monitor for your multimedia PC at home, the S32 is worth picking up.

  • Runner Up

    Best Value

    Best Budget

    gr recommended award

    Best Mid-Range

    LG 32UL500-W

    The LG 32UL500-W is a budget-friendly 4K monitor that excels in color accuracy and low input lag, making it suitable for both creative work and casual gaming, though its lower brightness limits its usability in well-lit environments.

    LG 32UL500-W Review →

    True Score





  • Runner Up

    Best Value

    Best Budget

    gr recommended award

    Best Mid-Range

    Gigabyte Aorus FI32U

    • Best For Gaming

    The Aorus FI32U offers 4K resolution and a wide color gamut at a mid-range price. It balances productivity and light gaming capabilities, but it is outperformed in contrast and brightness by competitors at similar or lower prices.

    Gigabyte Aorus FI32U Review →

    True Score





    SAVE $100

    Did you know 71% of computer monitor reviewers are untrustworthy?

    Our research found only 33 of 110+ computer monitor reviewers as of June 2024 can be trusted. This is why Gadget Review is committed calculating the most accurate product scores on the web.

    To do this, we give every computer monitor review site a Trust Rating, which measures how trustworthy the site and their testing claims are. We then leverage AI & a machine learning model to combine and calculate the Trust Rating with data from experts and consumers to deliver the True Score, the web’s most accurate product quality rating.


    Monitor Reviews Analyzed


    Total Products Analyzed

  • Runner Up

    Best Value

    Best Budget

    gr recommended award

    Best Mid-Range

    Samsung Odyssey G7 LC32G75T

    The Odyssey G7 provides blur-free, responsive visuals with its high refresh rate and low response time. It is a superb choice for multimedia and casual gaming but not the best for competitive gaming due to its higher input lag.

    Samsung Odyssey G7 LC32G75T Review →

    True Score





    SAVE $185


    If you’re curious about the technology behind your display, visit our guide on how do monitors work to understand the mechanics and features. To optimize your viewing experience, learn about the ideal distance to sit away from your monitor.

    For high-performance gaming and professional use, explore our selection of great MSI monitors. If you’re limited on space in your home, our guide to the best TV monitors can help you find a model that fits both work and play.

  • Runner Up

    Best Value

    Best Budget

    gr recommended award

    Best Mid-Range

    Asus PG32UQX

    The Asus PG32UQX stands out for creative professionals and gamers with its premium 4K display, outstanding HDR, and high color accuracy, justified by a high price tag for those seeking top-tier performance and features.

    Asus PG32UQX Review →

    True Score





    SAVE $406

    Category Snapshot

    Computer Monitors

    • Total Brands/Products Tested

      27 Brands, 196 Products

    • Top 2 Brands

      Dell, HP

    • Price Range (Budget-Premium)


    • Average True Score


    • Important Test Criteria

      Brightness (cd/m2)
      Contrast Ratio (1000:1)

    • Most Trusted Testers

    • Top Monitor Experts

      Samuel Breton, Chris Eberle

    • Typical Warranty

      2 years

    • Covered by Insurance

      Yes – AKKO

Which Criteria Matters for Testing Best 32 Inch Monitors?

By focusing on these criteria (2 required), anyone can quickly and easily compare these computer monitors and how they’ll perform. This helps you make an informed decision and purchase the best 32 inch monitor.

Contrast Ratio>1000:1YesThe difference in brightness between the whites (lit sections) and blacks (dim or unlit sections) of a monitor panel.
Color Gamut % (sRGB Coverage xy)> 80%YesHow much of the sRGB color gamut is covered by the monitor, which helps indicate color accuracy for web content and games.
Color Gamut (DCI P3 xy)> 80%YesHow much of the DCI P3 xy color gamut is covered by the monitor, which helps indicate color accuracy for HDR content, which includes certain movies.
Color Gamut (Adobe RGB)> 80%YesHow much of the Adobe RGB color gamut is covered by the monitor, which helps indicate color accuracy for photos and photo editing.

Our Trusted Data Sources

We looked at 110+ computer monitor reviewers and found that 33 are trustworthy (60%+ Trust Rating). The three we have listed below are our most trusted for computer monitors.

  1. Samuel Breton – Rtings, MuckRack
  2. Chris Eberle – Tom’s Hardware, LinkedIn
  3. Tony Hoffman – PC Mag, MuckRack

Interested in a comprehensive analysis of our data sources? We’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a detailed list of every computer monitor review website we’ve identified, organized by their respective Trust Ratings from highest to lowest. But we didn’t stop there. We’ve meticulously reviewed each publication and verified the data by checking whether the authors have bio links to MuckRack or LinkedIn. We’re committed to not only checking the facts but ensuring their veracity.

Computer Monitor Test Data & Results

1. Contrast Ratio (as ratio, x:1) Test Results

Contrast ratio is responsible for making images appear “dynamic” and “dramatic.” By having a good contrast ratio, a monitor is able to recreate dramatic differences between light and dark spots in scenes, images and games accurately.

At a minimum, we recommend a contrast ratio of 1000:1, as this will do a good enough job at allow for detail in dark scenes and images. If contrast ratio gets too low, the picture quality suffers, and the monitor performs worse across the board, no matter the lighting condition. By getting a monitor with a sufficiently high contrast ratio, you can ensure the picture quality doesn’t suffer, and dramatic scenes with stark shifts in lighting, whether they be in games or videos, are created as accurately as possible.

Contrast Ratio (higher is better)

2. Color Gamut/Accuracy % (DCI P3 xy) Test Results

Color gamut is responsible for making a monitor produce accurate colors when displaying a variety of content. The DCI P3 xy gamut is considered a “standard” gamut of sorts, and is used to help color grade films. Most HDR content will use this gamut at the very least (though other gamut exist) and it’s a commonly used gamut for films.

When it comes to a computer monitor, having a panel that covers at least 80% of the DCI P3 gamut means it’ll output accurate colors when watching HDR content and movies that use the gamut. If a monitor doesn’t cover enough of the gamut, it causes color inaccuracies and shifts the image quality. If you care about maintaining accuracy in the movies you watch so they look the way they were intended, this gamut needs to be properly covered.

Color Gamut P3 XY (in %; higher is better)

3. Color Gamut % (sRGB Coverage xY) Test Results

Since color gamut comes in a variety of different types, there’s bound to be some confusion as to which is meant for what. sRGB is an extremely common gamut that is used for the vast majority of web content, including how YouTube videos display, and is the primary gamut used for video games.

If you’re looking for accurate colors while web browsing, watching videos or playing games, you’re going to want a coverage of at least 80%. Higher is always better and hitting 100% means that if you correctly calibrate your monitor, you should be seeing content exactly as it was intended. Higher than 100% means that more than just the standard gamut has been covered, which can create more saturated and vivid colors. Coming in under 100% means the colors are less accurate, though this doesn’t become a major issue until you start to fall under 90%.

Color Gamut SRGB (in %; higher is better)

4. Color Gamut % (Adobe RGB Coverage xy) Test Results

As the name might imply, the Adobe RGB gamut is mostly focused on photo printing, and was developed by Adobe themselves in order to give users the ability to know how a photo would look if it was printed using standard CMYK printers.

If you’re printing a lot of photos and editing them in most photo programs, this is a commonly used color gamut. By having it be at least 90% covered and properly calibrated, your monitor is able to show you how a photo you’re editing will look when it’s printed out. If the coverage of this gamut isn’t high enough, you’ll suffer the opposite, and may end up wasting a lot of ink on photos that look great on your screen but seem to come out completely off when you print them. If color precision is crucial for your work, especially if you work in a creative field, make sure you have the best monitor for work, which offers precise color accuracy and reliability.

Color Gamut Adobe RGB (in %; higher is better)

Best 32 Inch Monitors: Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Ignoring resolution: Consider the resolution of the monitor. While a larger screen size like 32 inches offers ample screen real estate, it’s important to pair it with an appropriate resolution for optimal clarity and detail. Higher resolutions like 1440p (Quad HD) or 4K (Ultra HD) are preferable for larger screens to avoid pixelation and achieve sharper images. For those seeking a balance between size and resolution, exploring our selection of the best 27-inch monitors can be beneficial. If you prefer a more compact option, be sure to explore our recommendations for the best 24-inch monitor, which can provide excellent detail and space efficiency.

  2. Not considering panel type: Different monitor panel types—such as IPS, TN, and VA—offer varying characteristics in terms of color accuracy, viewing angles, and response times. IPS panels generally provide the best color reproduction and wide viewing angles, making them suitable for tasks like content creation and photo editing. TN panels offer faster response times, which may be preferred for gaming. Consider your specific needs and preferences when selecting the panel type.

  3. Overlooking refresh rate and response time: If you’re into gaming or fast-paced tasks, pay attention to the monitor’s refresh rate and response time. A higher refresh rate (e.g., 144Hz) and lower response time (e.g., 1ms) can result in smoother motion and reduced motion blur. However, if you prioritize color accuracy over speed, you may not need the fastest specs.

  4. Neglecting connectivity options: Ensure the monitor has the necessary ports to connect to your devices, such as HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB. Additionally, consider features like USB hubs, built-in speakers, or Thunderbolt connectivity if they’re important for your setup. If you care about audio quality and don’t want to invest in external speakers, explore our guide of the top-rated monitors with speakers, which combine great visuals with reliable audio quality.

The Best 32 Inch Monitors Tests Compared

True Score
Contrast Ratio
Color Gamut (DCI P3)
Color Gamut (sRGB)
Input Lag
Response Time (ms)
Reflections %

Dell S3222DGM

  • Best for 1440P

  • 337.14 nits

  • 337.14

  • 85%

  • 98.1

  • 18.25ms

  • 5ms

  • 5.4%


LG 32UL500-W

  • Best for 32-Inch

  • 230 nits

  • 230

  • 94.3%

  • 100

  • 10.2ms

  • 8.2ms

  • 4.9%


Gigabyte Aorus FI32U

  • Best for Gaming

  • 372.578 nits

  • 372.578

  • 85.86%

  • 105.9

  • 19.3ms

  • 4.4ms

  • 5.9%

  • 341 nits

  • 341

  • 91%

  • 98.2

  • 9.8ms

  • 1.9ms

  • 4.8%


Asus PG32UQX

  • Best for 4K

  • 451 nits

  • 451

  • 117%

  • 97.5

  • 12.2ms

  • 6.6ms

  • 5.1%


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