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Best SAMSUNG Monitors

Updated: Feb 13, 2024 12:38 PM
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The best Samsung monitors have outstanding picture quality, offer a wide variety of features, and are very user-friendly. They offer products that are great for watching movies or gaming and reliable options for your home office.

Samsung makes some of the best computer monitors at an affordable price, and their models are incredibly competitive. They feature sleek and stylish designs and plenty of ports for additional connectivity. They also have a variety of features like PIP mode, built-in speakers, flicker-free technology, and curved screens. They’re a great all-around option for everyone.

Keep reading this buying guide to learn more about what makes Samsung monitors great.

Top SAMSUNG Monitors

 #1  SAMSUNG LC24F369FHNXZA 23.5” Computer Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features an immersive curvature and an excellent resolution to deliver high-quality images in movies, streaming shows, and modern games. Additionally, users will enjoy enhanced productivity and working space thanks to the thin form factor and broad base.

  • Fantastic comfort features
  • Eco-Saving Plus
  • Curved screen
  • No integrated speakers

The SAMSUNG LC24F396FHNXZA 23.5” computer monitor is excellent for enhanced productivity and screen real estate, ideal for working from home or editing photos. This Full HD monitor offers HDMI and VGA inputs so that users can enjoy modern media or fiddle around with classic hardware. Additionally, the broad base and slim design grant users more desk room for taking notes or typing a paper. While there aren’t built-in speakers in this model, users can enjoy the immersive sound from wired headphones.

In addition to a curved Full HD display, the SAMSUNG LC24F396FHNXZA 23.5” inch computer monitor provides unique comfort features to keep users comfortable and refreshed. The ultra-thin bezels deliver wide viewing angles for a multi-screen setup. The Eco-Saving Plus features automatically adjusts the display to save power and reduce brightness over long work sessions. Additionally, this monitor curbs eye strain and fatigue with the effective Eye Saver Mode that reduces blue light emissions and screen flickers. You’ll find similar features on the epic Samsung Odyssey G9.

 #2  SAMSUNG LC49G95TSSNXZA 48.7” Computer Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features astounding screen real estate and incredibly accurate colors ideal for professional-level design or editing work. Additionally, users will love the immersive and fast display that supports seamless switching between multiple full-screen applications during a hectic workday.

  • Incredible refresh rate
  • QLED panel
  • Great for multi-tasking
  • Rear RGB isn’t very noticable

The SAMSUNG LC49G95TSSNXZA 48.7” computer monitor is excellent for users looking for unparalleled immersion and speed in today’s top competitive shooters, racing, and sports titles. Similar to its cousin, the Samsung CRG9, this expansive 49-inch monitor features a QHD resolution and a blazing-fast 240Hz refresh rate for enhanced detail and depth, even in fast-moving action scenes. Thanks to the 1ms response time and VRR support, users will enjoy lag-free gameplay with minimal screen tearing or stuttering. While the rear RGB light isn’t noticeable in well-lit rooms, the OSD menu offers RGB customization to match other RGB accents in a user’s setup.

In addition to a fantastic refresh rate and an immersive curvature, the SAMSUNG LC49G95TSSNXZA 48.7” computer monitor offers an incredible workspace for remote workers and design professionals. The QLED panel delivers highly accurate colors and deep blacks for increased depth in streaming media and modern games. This model offers the equivalent of two 27” monitors so users can multitask without switching between windows, which is the same setup you’ll see on the Samsung C49J89.

 #3  SAMSUNG LC27G55TQWNXZA 27” Computer Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This sleek unit features a great refresh rate and an excellent resolution that’s ideal for staying competitive in today’s top games. With VRR support and wide viewing angles, this model is great for getting lost in your favorite games and streaming media.

  • Impressive resolution
  • Low response time
  • FreeSync support
  • No height adjustment

The SAMSUNG LC27G55TQWNXZA 27” computer monitor is a stellar choice for users that need a competitive edge and the crisp details in today’s top shooter, racing, and sports titles. This WQHD display delivers 1.7 times the pixel density of an FHD screen so users can enjoy sharp visuals and increased immersion while working or hunting for loot in an MMO. While this model doesn’t offer a height-adjustable base, the wide viewing angles and tilting function help users find their ideal viewing position.

In addition to a strong resolution and wide viewing angles, the SAMSUNG LC27G55TQWNXZA 27” computer monitor delivers a super-smooth 144Hz refresh rate for modern consoles and gaming PCs. The 1ms response time ensures near-zero input lag, and the AMD FreeSync support provides a smooth gameplay experience that’s free from screen tearing or stuttering. Additionally, this model supports HDR10, which delivers vibrant colors and depth, even in shadowy scenes or settings.

 #4  SAMSUNG F24T452FQN 24” Computer Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model supports ergonomic adjustments and multiple comfort features to deliver an exemplary screen for working long hours or casually browsing the web. With a good resolution and various inputs, this versatile display is excellent for high-paced workdays with a good resolution and multiple inputs.

  • Multiple input options
  • Ergonomic stand
  • Thin bezels
  • No built-in sound

The SAMSUNG F24T452FQN 24” computer monitor is an excellent choice for users who like to casually browse the web or work extra hours in a home office. This functional monitor features a Full HD resolution that’s great for streaming media or enjoying a laid-back puzzle game. Additionally, this model features two HDMI ports so users can optimize their setup without needing to unhook or wrestle with cables regularly. While there aren’t any internal speakers, the audio jack accommodates wired headphones or a soundbar.

In addition to a 1080p resolution and multiple HDMI ports, the SAMSUNG F24T452FQN 24” computer monitor offers two convenient USB ports for charging devices or setting up a USB hub. Additionally, users can adjust the monitor’s height, tilt, and swivel to find their most comfortable viewing position. Thanks to the 90-degree pivot and Eye Saver Mode, users can read documents without tons of scrolling or eye strain.

 #5  SAMSUNG LS28AG700NNXZA 28” Computer Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This large display features enough screen real estate for peak productivity and an excellent resolution for modern media or streaming shows. Users will love booting up the latest games thanks to the super-fast refresh rate and minimal response time.

  • Fantastic responsiveness
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • RGB accents
  • Not ideal for small desks

The SAMSUNG LS28AG700NNXZA 28” computer monitor is a stellar choice for users who want incredible visual fidelity and crisp details while watching movies or playing the latest games. This model offers a 4K UHD resolution and HDR support to display brilliant images with fine details and incredible color depth. Thanks to the IPS panel and ultra-thin bezels, users will enjoy great viewing angles and more screen space for work or play. While this unit isn’t ideal for small desks, it is VESA compatible for mounting above a workstation.

In addition to vibrant colors and a sharp resolution, the SAMSUNG LS28AG700NNXZA 28” computer monitor delivers a comfortable viewing experience during extended gaming sessions or movie nights. The sturdy base minimizes screen wobble, and it offers height, tilt, swivel, and pivot so users can find their ideal viewing position. Additionally, with multiple HDMI ports and auto source switching, this monitor is great for multi-device setups that double as a workstation and gaming hub.

 #6  SAMSUNG LS24F354FHNXZA 24” Computer Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This fashionable unit features a compact form factor and a great screen size for a small home office or casual gaming setup. With a 1080p resolution and eye-protection features, users can enjoy reading documents or watching a movie without suffering from extreme eye fatigue.

  • Compact form factor
  • FHD resolution
  • Eye Saver Mode
  • Onboard control misses inputs

The SAMSUNG LS24F354FHNXZA 24” computer monitor is superb for users who want to stay productive and refreshed over long workdays and movie sessions. The compact design and small footprint are great for small desks, and it leaves enough desk space for taking notes or typing a paper. Additionally, this PVC-free monitor helps with energy costs with Eco-Saving Plus, limiting screen brightness and automatically dims for reduced energy use. While the onboard controls are hard to reach and sometimes miss inputs, users will enjoy the comprehensive OSD for changing settings.

In addition to an FHD resolution and small desk footprint, the SAMSUNG LS24F354FHNXZA 24” computer monitor helps you share work with friends or view the screen from any position. This monitor features slim bezels and wide viewing angles that maximize the viewing experience and fit seamlessly in a multi-display setup. Additionally, users can stay comfortable thanks to Eye Saver Mode, which limits harmful blue light emissions and screen flickers to reduce eye fatigue.

Introduction to the Best Samsung Monitors

Samsung was founded in 1938 and is headquartered in South Korea. The company is a global leader in many industries, including electronics, semiconductors, ships, telecommunications equipment, chemicals, and more.

Samsung is one of the top monitor manufacturers in the world and produces some of the best-quality panel technology money can buy. The company has a wide array of options available at different price points, so there’s something for everyone, which is similar to the top-rated MSI monitors.

The company first became popular with the release of its SyncMaster line of CRT desktop monitors in the late 1990s. These were some of the first mass-produced color monitors that used Active Matrix LCD technology. This made them much thinner and lighter than traditional CRT monitors, and they quickly became the standard for monitor quality.

In 2006, Samsung released its first LED-backlit LCD monitor. This was a major improvement over previous LCD monitors because it features much less energy consumption and produces less heat. It also had a faster response time with vibrant colors, which was great for gaming or watching movies just like you’ll find on the Asus TUF gaming VG27AQL1A.

Since then, Samsung has continued to innovate in the monitor market. They’ve released ultrawide screens, curved displays, and quantum dot monitors. These offer immersive viewing experiences and an excellent gaming experience for your viewing comfort. But, compare Samsung vs Dell monitors to see which one is best.

Some of Samsung’s best monitors are their curved gaming monitor options. Superior curved monitors provide a more immersive experience and can reduce eye fatigue while offering wide viewing angles. The company was one of the first to popularize this type of display, and they’ve only gotten better with time.

Samsung is also known for its innovative Quantum Dot technology. This allows for a wider range of colors and more vivid images and vivid colors.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line Samsung monitor, you’ll want to check out the CHG90. It’s one of the largest curved monitors on the market and has an ultra-wide aspect ratio, which is bigger than the HP 34 curved monitor. It’s perfect for your gaming setup or watching movies.

How Samsung Compares to Other Brands

(Pro 1) Excellent Picture Quality: Samsung monitors feature excellent picture quality. Samsung is known for producing some of the best-quality IPS panel technology and other types of panels in the business. Their monitors offer excellent picture quality, with a wide color gamut for accurate colors and sharp images.

Comparing TN, IPS, and VA Panel Types table

(Con 1) Can Be More Expensive: Some Samsung monitors are more expensive than others. While Samsung offers a wide range of prices, some of their top-of-the-line monitors can be quite expensive.

(Pro 2) Large Feature Offering: Samsung monitors also offer a wide variety of features. Samsung monitors come packed with a variety of features that make their monitors more usable. Most models have multiple ports, built-in speakers, eye-care technologies, graphics cards, NVIDIA G-Sync support, and more.

(Con 2) Fewer Advanced Features Than Other Brands: Some people find Samsung monitors to be too user-friendly. While most people find Samsung monitors to be easy to use, some feel that the company’s focus on user-friendliness comes at the expense of advanced features even though they’re sold at an attractive price.

(Pro 3) Sleek and Stylish: Samsung monitors offer sleek and stylish designs. Samsung’s monitors are some of the most well-designed on the market. They feature a slim bezel design, sleek stand designs, and attractive finishes for a comfortable viewing experience.

(Con 3) Limited Adjustment Options: Some Samsung monitors have limited adjustment options. While most of Samsung’s monitors offer a decent range of adjustment options, some models have limited tilt and swivel ranges.

(Pro 4) Wide Range of Sizes: Samsung monitors are available in a wide range of sizes. Samsung offers monitors in a variety of sizes, from small desktop models to large ultrawide models. Their smallest model is 20 inches, and their largest has a 49-inch screen with quite a bit of screen real estate. This gives you plenty of options to choose from.

(Con 4) Fewer Size Options: Samsung doesn’t offer the widest range of monitor sizes on the market. Other brands, like the best Philips monitors, offer a wider range of sizes, starting at 15 inches and going all the way up to 55 inches or larger.

(Pro 5) Low Input Lag: Samsung monitors have low input lag times. This is important for gamers or anyone who wants to use their monitor for high-speed activities. Samsung’s monitors have some of the lowest input lag times on the market, making them great for gaming or other fast-paced activities.

(Con 5) High Refresh Rates: Some Samsung monitors have higher refresh rates than others. While most Samsung monitors have a 60Hz refresh rate, some models have a higher refresh rate of 144Hz or even 240Hz. Higher refresh rates are great for gamers but can be unnecessary for most people.

(Pro 6) Well-Known Brand: Samsung is a well-known brand with a great reputation for building reliable products. Many consumers trust this name brand when buying electronics beyond just a monitor.

(Con 6) Limited Warranty Coverage: Some Samsung monitors have limited warranty coverage. While Samsung offers a standard one-year warranty on most of their monitors, some models only have a 90-day warranty. You should check the warranty coverage before buying any Samsung monitor.

(Pro 7) Variety of Connectivity Options: Samsung offers a variety of connectivity options. Most Samsung monitors come with multiple HDMI ports, DisplayPort inputs, and even USB ports, giving you plenty of options for connecting your devices. This makes them ideal for most gaming or home office setups. This includes any multi-monitor setup or configuration you may need.

(Con 7) Customer Service is Lacking: Some people find Samsung’s customer service to be lacking. While Samsung has a generally good reputation for customer service, some people have had negative experiences.

Why Should You Buy a Samsung Monitor?

Samsung monitors offer a great combination of features, performance, and design. Their picture quality is excellent, and they offer a wide variety of models to choose from. If you’re looking for a reliable and well-designed monitor, Samsung is a great option.

Users will also find that Samsung monitors offer some of the lowest input lag times on the market. This is important for gamers or anyone who wants to use their monitor for high-speed activities. Samsung’s monitors have some of the lowest input lag times on the market, making them great for gaming or other fast-paced activities.

How Long Will Samsung Monitors Last?

Samsung monitors are built to last. With proper care, most Samsung monitors will last for several years. When it comes to how long a Samsung monitor will last, users can expect their investment to keep running for around five years. However, some users have had their monitors last even longer than that. With proper care and maintenance, Samsung monitors can easily last for seven to eight years or more.

How long Samsung monitors will last depends on how well the monitor is made. Samsung monitors are well-constructed and use high-quality materials to ensure they will last for many years.

The second factor is how well the monitor is cared for. Like any electronic device, monitors need to be cleaned and maintained properly. Dust, dirt, and other debris can damage the screen and shorten the lifespan of the monitor.

Finally, the third factor is how often the monitor is used. Monitors used more frequently will typically have a shorter lifespan than those used less often. More frequent use can lead to wear and tear on the device.

The most common problem people experience with a Samsung monitor is with the screen. Over time, the screen can become scratched or damaged. This is usually due to dust or other debris that gets trapped between the screen and the bezel.

Another common problem people experience with Samsung monitors is with the power supply. Like any electronic device, monitors need a power supply to operate. Over time, the power supply can become damaged or defective. This can cause the monitor to turn off unexpectedly or to flicker.

If you’re looking for a reliable and well-designed monitor, Samsung is a great option. Their picture quality is excellent, and they offer a wide variety of models to choose from. Samsung monitors are also built to last. With proper care, most Samsung monitors will last for several years.

Samsung Warranties

Samsung offers a standard one-year warranty on most of its monitors. However, some models only have a 90-day warranty. You should check the warranty coverage before buying any Samsung monitor.

While Samsung’s standard warranty is good, it’s important to note that some other companies offer better coverage. For example, most of the best Viewsonic monitors carry a 3-year standard warranty.

If you’re looking for the best possible coverage, it’s worth considering an extended warranty. Many companies offer extended warranties covering Samsung monitors for up to three years. These plans typically cost around $100 and can be purchased from Samsung or a third-party provider.

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