The Road Shower: Hot, Pressurized Water From The Roof Of Your Car


Camping can be a lot of fun, but there is one pretty distinct downside when you’re really, really roughing it: Showers are not exactly what you call commonplace. The Road Shower is looking to fix that, with some clever engineering. Speaking of camping, learn Why You Should Buy a New Camping Tent.

Getting In Hot Water

The first problem to solve is actually, surprisingly, the simplest; Making the water warm. As the Road Shower attaches directly to your car’s roof rack, all you need to do is park your car somewhere it happens to be sunny. As the Road Shower is a solar shower, you just essentially need to leave it out in the sun, so if you want to attach this to a boat or just leave it mounted in a sunny place, that should do the job. It’s pretty simple to use as far as outdoor gear goes.

Under Pressure

The second part is pressure. As anybody using a camp shower knows, water pressure can be a pretty serious annoyance; too low and you won’t be able to wash shampoo out of your hair, for example. So, the Road Shower solves this with the rather simple method of a bike pump. Just pump some air into the tank and it puts the water on up to 15 PSI of pressure, enough to get shampoo out of your eyes and even hose mud off your gear. Be careful, though; the Road Shower has a five gallon tank, so it won’t run forever.

Perfect For Hot, Dusty Rides


The Road Shower is my favorite kind of engineering; smart, practical and using stuff that’s already been built and tested as the building blocks. There’s no outre technology that might not work as advertised, no goofy proprietary crap that only lets this get bolted to one rack, just careful thought applied to an uncommon problem to develop a reasonable solution.

So, if you need a shower on the road, check out the Kickstarter: Currently, they’re available for $210 but the price will be going up.

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