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If you are interested in the Jawbone activity tracker but can’t quite make up your mind with so many available wearables on the market, then Gadget Review can help out with our expert comparisons and the best Jawbone activity tracker reviews. Your fitness purchases will get a whole lot easier with Gadget Review’s up-to-date news on the latest features, the best deals, and the newest entrants in the fitness band world.

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Jawbone has a particularly interesting approach to fitness tracking with its suite of UP products and the software that unites them all. With the UP app and the right fitness band, you can connect multiple aspects of your life into one guide for healthy living. Get tips on exercising, diet sleep, movement and much more thanks to this combined approach. Not only can you shed extra apps and save time, you can also get a holistic look at your own health and how you can improve. To find out more about which Jawbone product would work best for you and all the features the UP app provides, head over to Gadget Review and take a look around.