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For the best fitness tracker reviews that provide insight into what athletes can actually use, stop by Gadget Review to find the best fitness trackers and their new features. As fitness trackers grow more advanced, options like the Basis Activity Tracker, Fitbit Activity Tracker, and others have become complex smart wearables, capable of helping you create an entire training program for your fitness life and offering suggestions about everything from sleep to diet.

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As other fitness trackers like the Misfit Activity Tracker and Jawbone Activity Tracker also ramp up their game, the industry can get pretty competitive. Which is best for you? Here's a little bit of Gadget Review advice to help you on your way: Take a look at how interconnected each device is with smartphone apps and trackers. The more apps that you can tie into one device, the better broad services it can offer, instead of just being a one-trick pony. For more advice on the best fitness trackers, head over to Gadget Review and read on!