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Purchase an HTC One and Trade In Your Old Cell for CASH

HTC One cell trade-in

The new HTC One is getting a lot of attention around these parts. We’ve got a great piece on it lined up for tomorrow and then we’re on to the full and final review. But for those who feel they know and/or can’t wait for the official GR thumb up or down–for you something great lies below.

HTC knows they have the attention of the masses right now. You ‘d have to be living off-grid to be ignorant to the current blood-feud going on right now between the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. So it’s Carpe Diem. HTC plans to not only “seize the day”–but the entire weekend, too boot. From now through the 5th of may, partially-early adopters can trade in their current cell phone to HTC for cash back.

If you buy an HTC One you can trade-in your iPhone 4s or 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, Blackberry Z10, (only worth 250–ouch!) LG Optimus 4x HD and others, to receive a Prepaid Visa card in the mail. The max cash back on offer is $375.

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