PulseOn Redefines The Heart Monitor (video)

Get the most from your training without the uncomfortableness of bulky chest belts with the PulseOn heart monitor that accurately and reliably measures everything from your rest.  Thanks to its proprietary optical heart rate sensor technology and sophisticated algorithms, you’ll be able to analyze your hear rate in a wide range of conditions. The small and stylish wrist device is currently an Indiegogo campaign and will automatically synch all feedback and data to your phone (Android or iOS) via Bluetooth to provide you with crucial information that defines what your heart rate really means to your health goals.

PulseOn heart rate monitor

Although chest belts are usually thought to be the most accurate way to measure your heart rate, thanks to PulseOn’s proprietary sensor solution that uses multiple wavelenghts of light combined with a unique sensor design to measure your blood flow from different depths of skin tissue, the device will accurately measure and monitor your heart rate even at highest running speeds and across multiple cardio-intensive sports. Its feedback will allow you to better understand the effects of training on your body so that you can optimize your training based on your needs. And because it’s not only light and comfortable to wear, you can wear it as a regular watch in its standard mode because of its stylish and sleek appearance. It comes in two stylish models – Cloud and Coal – with the option to change out the straps with new colors that will be available in their webstore upon first PulseOn deliveries. Be one of the first to get your own PulseOn heart rate wrist band by pledging $169 or more to the campaign with estimated deliveries taking place in September.


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