Phosphor Appear Watch Review (video)



  • Moving Swarovski crystals, who doesn’t like that
  • Genuine leather strap
  • Sturdy and hefty build


  • Too much bling (the cheaper model doesn’t have crystals surrounding the bevel)
  • Heavy
  • Only keeps the time

Into bling? Than say hello to Phosphor’s Appear watches, originally named Reveal. What makes this time piece unique is that the face of the watch is packed with Swarovski crystals that physically move to display the time. It works by emitting an electrical pulse that generates an electromagnetic field that changes the position of the crystals. A flicking noise accompanies the movement, which can be viewed in seconds or minutes, depending on your tolerance for such a sound.

In the hand the Appear watch is a sturdy and hefty piece of kit. The model I received included a strap finished in candy apple red. Mind you it’s genuine leather, – even says so on the back – despite the shiny look.

The watch itself is relatively thick and the bevel is finished in two rows of crystals, which for some will be appealing given it’s “blingy” nature, while others, me included, while find it off putting. After all, too much of anything can become a bad thing.
Two buttons on the side allow you to manipulate the watch’s display. The top button turns the display on and off. In off mode only white crystals appear, but from an angle it’s easy to see where the time, or the moving crystals, would appear. The lower button, when held down, enters you into clock setting mode, and also switches between time and seconds mode when tapped. After a about 20 seconds in ‘seconds mode’ the watch will automatically revert to the regular clock mode, which I assume is by design to save on battery life.

There is no disputing that bling is in. Chances are if you’re considering buying this watch you’re into to that type of look. So what I think it terms of aesthetics is moot. While the feature set is very limited of the Appear watch, it exudes a massive wow and cool factor that even the most decked out hip hop artists and media moguls will have a hard time eclipsing.


You can buy the Phosphor Appear watch direct starting at $199.

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