Panasonic PAN-NB-G110PW

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Updated June 27, 2022
90 Expert Rating

The Panasonic PAN-NB-G110PW definitely deserves its #3 spot on our Best Toaster Oven buyer’s guide! This toaster oven is a great choice for any small kitchen. It heats up quickly and is perfect for reheating leftovers without making them soggy. If you don’t want to wait for your large oven to preheat, the Panasonic FlashXpress is a perfect alternative to make tasty food fast.

Why We Like It – Panasonic PAN-NB-G110PW

The Panasonic PAN-NB-G110PW, also known as the FlashXpress, is a compact, easy-to-use toaster oven that fits perfectly on any kitchen countertop. It comes in 3 colors, which matches any kitchen’s design, and it fits up to a 9-inch pizza or 4 pieces of toast. It has an interior light and see-through glass door, so you can make sure your bread gets toasted perfectly.

  • Exterior does not get as hot as other toaster ovens
  • Efficient infrared quartz and ceramic heating elements
  • See-through glass door and interior light
  • Cook time limited to 25 minutes
  • “Dark” toast setting doesn’t toast enough


The Panasonic Flash Xpress toaster oven has a double infrared heating high efficiency quartz and ceramic infrared heating elements in the front and back of the toaster oven for even heating. Unlike the Breville Smart Oven Pro, which has 8 cooking modes, the FlashXpress only has 6 modes: toast, waffle, roll, pizza, quick reheat, and frozen hashbrowns. But, the Panasonic is only 1300 watts, so it doesn’t get as burning hot on the outside like the Breville oven. The biggest downside to the Flash Xpress is that it only has a maximum cooking time of 25 minutes, so you can’t make larger meals like baked chicken. But it requires no preheating, and Amazon reviewers confirm just how fast the oven heats up. Looking for a compact, easy-to-use oven toaster that makes meals, snacks, and sides perfectly? Click our Panasonic FlashXpress toaster oven review.


The Panasonic FlashXpress is not as large as other budget-priced toaster ovens, as it can only fit a 9-inch pizza. In comparison, the Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Toaster Oven can fit up to a 13-inch pizza. However, the design of the FlashXpress toaster oven is much superior, with easy-to-read temperature controls and different buttons for cooking modes. The interior light allows you to watch your food cook to ensure the perfect finish. It has a reminder beep that lets you know when your food is done, as well as a digital timer and temperature control. Lastly, it comes with a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. Available colors are white, black, and stainless steel, so it matches any kitchen appliances. The only downside to its design is an oddly placed side plug that wraps around the appliance awkwardly when you plug it in.


The Panasonic FlashXpress, while not as cheap as the Oster TSSTTVMNDG-001 Toaster Oven, is still a great buy for the more budget-conscious kitchen. It has plenty of uses, and while it can’t cook a whole chicken like higher end models, it has plenty of settings perfect for a college dorm room or small studio apartment. It’s the perfect size for small apartments, too! You’re paying for the convenience of a medium sized toaster oven that heats up quickly and is perfect for a small kitchen’s everyday use. Panasonic offers a limited warranty for the toaster oven as well.

Panasonic PAN-NB-G110PW Wrap Up

The Panasonic NB G110PW toaster oven in white, black, and stainless steel is perfect for any small kitchen and any design. It’s perfect for a dorm room, studio apartment, or single person’s daily use. It preheats quickly and works perfectly for reheating leftovers, toasting bagels and bread, and making small side dishes. While it doesn’t have as many options as higher end brands, it’s still a great choice for anyone needing a compact toaster oven on a budget.

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