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Ohsnap: This Phone Grip That Doesn’t Suck

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There are plenty of phone grips on the market, but unfortunately, most share the same problem: They suck. Ohsnap claims that their new phone grip is one that doesn’t suck. They might be onto something with this ultra-thin, magnetic, one-finger grip. For your navigation needs, you should read our review of the MAT personal-in-car assistant. 

OhSnap Does Not Suck

We are all looking for a better experience with our phones and that usually means we want something simple and easy to use. This is why this premium phone grip is designed to be simple and make it easy to use your phone, no matter the situation. It adheres to your phone or phone case and gives you great functionality without being overly bulky or ugly. In fact, it looks rather sleek. It is also very well designed. You already have the best smartphone so you need the best grip. Your best smartphone can also give you access to the best healthcare with Hello Alvin healthcare.

To activate the grip feature all you have to do is press the center circle of the Ohsnap to release the finger band, then slide your finger through. It couldn’t be easier. You can either use the “U” shape as a grip or you can connect the ends together to make a complete loop. Easy and functional, just the way we like it. That is also what makes a good smartphone, so they belong together.

OhSnap Gets A Grip And Keeps It

The grip is very strong too whether you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone or the popular LG G6. Over on their Kickstarter page, they have a video that shows a heavy bowl of fruit being picked up by the fanger band. There’s no way your phone is going to fall and get damaged.

Ohsnap also has a Kickstand too so you can just press the button and let the finger band release for a hands-free viewing experience.

Lots Of Features

What other tricks does it have? Well, it can stick to magnetic surfaces like refrigerators, and other metal materials so you can mount your phone and multi-task whenever you need to. Each Ohsnap also comes with a free sticky plate. You can use this to attach Ohsnap anywhere. Ohsnap also lets you change your phone’s orientation while it is on your finger. You can have either portrait or landscape mode whenever you want it.

The handy slide feature let’s you reach any area of your phone screen as well, making it even easier to use your device while having a firm grip.

This unique accessory is easy to use, made of durable materials and is genuinely helpful. Especially when you are using your phone as a high-tech carry-on suitcase controller. Find more info here.

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