Most of the watches we look at tend to embody all the same qualities, which is to tell time.  In other words they’re very functional, but don’t extend beyond the orthodox, which in turns means their functionality, or utilitarian value is limited.

The Mutewatch throws the above statement on its head.  While it appears to be a gray, rubber strap, it’s in fact a a touchscreen watch.  Tapping on the would be display illuminates the time.  To set the clock or alarm you just tap directly on the digits.  But unlike other watches, which generally requires you to cycle through the digits, you can tap on the top or the bottom to increase or decrease the amount.  And to erase the alarm all you need to do is “pinch” (in an Apple like fashion) the touchscreen.

But the wow factor doesn’t stop there.  The Mutewatch has a built-in vibrator which means you can set a silent alarm, allowing to be notified that your time allowance during a speech is drawing to an end.  It also sports a motion sensor, which allows you to activate the screen with a quick flip of the wrist.  So if you’re sleeping, which generally means little to no movement, the Mutewatch detects this and increases the vibration to insure you’re woken up at the set time.

The display is capacitive LED and adjusts the the intensity according to the surrounding light.  And despite the touchscreen, it’s hand washable.  You can expect battery life to last for up to 2 weeks and takes 2 hours to recharge.  It will automatically enter hibernation mode when the watch’s power draws low or detects no action after a week’s time.

The Mutewatch is available now in red, white and gray for $375.


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  1. But in the video, the watch isn't on an arm. I can't find any model's wearing it either. Wouldn't the screen be rotated the wrong way? Unless you held your arm straight out, and that seems awkward…

    Looks cool, but it may not be as easy to use as in the video, where the watch is sideways to you…

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