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Need a phone case for your iPhone 11? Perhaps something that has an anti-scratch screen protector and good shock absorption. Certainly not the best, but good for your budget. And maybe allow wireless charging, too. It just so happens the best iPhone cases can also be some of the cheapest, as seen with the Mkeke iPhone Case.

Why We Like It – Mkeke iPhone Case Review

A good option for budget, thanks to its rugged design that has anti-scratch resistant screen protector and decent shock absorption, while still allowing wireless charging.

  • Anti scratch resistant
  • Allows wireless charging
  • Solid budget case
  • Only compatible with iPhone 11
  • Clear case is boring


For a $7 iPhone 11 case, we were rather surprised by the performance of the Mkeke iPhone Case. For starters, it has an anti-scratch screen protector. This is great if you drop your phone and it skids across the ground. At the same time, it won’t fog your screen with micro-scratches. Speaking of falling, shock absorption is decent, capable of withstanding a beating from a few feet. But if that isn’t enough for you, a better performing case is the OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series iPhone Case for $20 more. Better yet, the LifeProof FRe Waterproof Case is a monster when it comes to outdoor activities.


One look at the Mkeke iPhone Case and one word comes to mind: boring. Its clear case does very little for the imagination, and we would’ve loved for different colors or even textures—like how the buttons are vinyl and easy to find. Thankfully, that’s just aesthetic and doesn’t hinder its performance. What does hinder performance is this particular model is limited to the iPhone 11. However, Mkeke offers versions compatible with both the iPhone XR and iPhone XS.


Now let’s talk value. Cases like the OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series iPhone Case can get pretty pricey. For some, spending nearly $30 on a case isn’t in their budget or they simply don’t want to. And that’s where the Mkeke iPhone Case strength comes into play: it’s cheap. It’s cheap and performs well. For $7, you get a case that protects your phone. However, if you’re willing, you can bump up to an Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Case for better performance.

Mkeke iPhone Case Review Wrap Up

As we close the review, we’re reminded of the sweet spot that the Mkeke iPhone Case finds itself. It’s anti-scratch resistant, decent shock absorption, and still allows wireless charging. Sure, it has a pretty boring design, but performance mattered most to us. Being limited to iPhone 11 wasn’t an issue as Mkeke offers other versions of the same case.

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