Magnestick Skiing Chairlift For Children | Gadget Review

Magnestick Skiing Chairlift For Children

The Magnestick Skiing Chairlift Accident Prevention System is a good idea that started as a way of keeping kids safe on ski lifts, and then evolved into a little more than that. While wearing small and light – at a mere 200 grams – backpacks with a metallic plate on the back, kids are literally attached to a magnet that’s part of the sears. Probably as a way of making sure kids actually keep their little magnetic backpacks on, they have to also wear them while on the slopes, where the metal plate protects their fragile kiddie backs and the orange of the backpack highlights them for other skiers.

When boarding the ski lift, the electric magnets are turned on, effectively locking children into a rollcage of protection against the elements and vertical distances, while at the top of the lift the magnet is automatically deactivated.


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