Jawbone Up3 Upgrades the Fitness Band

As one of the old guard in the fitness tech market, Jawbone has had plenty of time to gauge what products the people want: Their latest product, the Up3, shows that Jawbone is definitely working to keep up with the times – without making things too pricey.

Calling it the “most advanced activity tracker known to man” might be a stretch, but this fitness band does come packed with features. Previous Jawbone bands used accelerometers to track activity and extrapolate fitness data, but the Up3 offers three separate sensors, including a temperature sensor and a heart rate/respiration monitor.

By these sensors combined, Jawbone can offer you a lot more information, which it divides into four categories. Heart Health passively measures your resting heart rate and offers fitness advice based on the numbers. Smart Coach is focused on nutrition (if you are willing to input all the necessary data). Advanced Sleep tracks your sleep and Jawbone claims it can differentiate different stages of sleep to see how much quality rest time you’re really getting. Advanced Activity uses its smarts to guess at what activity you are currently doing – Jawbone uses basketball as one example – and calculates energy burned based on that data. The fitness band also offers advice on hydration, managing stress, and overall fitness levels through wireless syncing with your smartphone.

The Up3 will hit the shelves later this year, with a retail price of $179.99. It will be available in several different styles, starting with the traditional black band on release.

So, should you consider this latest, greatest fitness band? That depends. While the Up3 is well-positioned as a potential holiday gift, it faces some serious competition with health apps designed by big players, notably Apple with its upcoming smart watch and fitness app. It’s worth noting that while Jawbone has updated its Up software to work with the Apple Watch, Apple has not yet returned the favor.

However, this is a impressive remake and, to some extent, a rebranding, by Jawbone. If you don’t mind wearing a 24/7 fitness band, it’s difficult to find a more advanced band on the market. Those who don’t mind paying extra for a more complete health tracker that goes way beyond fitness may want to wait for the $200 Microsoft Band.

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