HTC Creates Perfect One (M8) Smartphone Case with Dot View

HTC Dot View

Still looking for that one perfect case to protect your precious HTC One (M8) smartphone and have come up short thus far? You won’t need to search any longer because HTC has created the last case you’ll ever need for your HTC One with their Dot View. The HTC One features a great design on its own, with its new brushed finish on the gunmetal gray version. Covering it up might be a shame, but the Dot View does a good job at it. The back of the case features the standard hard plastic, which is contoured to fit the curved back of the smartphone. Maintaing the lightness of the phone, the case is thin and adds minimal bulk.

But it’s the case’s front where all the magic is. HTC designed the case with a rubber flip cover that features a grid of tiny holes that not only add to its aesthetic value, but also allows for a cool looking effect for the time, notifications and weather that you can see through the case when close. When it’s open, the Dot View case wakes up the phone much like how Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad does. It then shuts it off when its flipped closed, but its functionality is still available. Missed notifications can be seen through the case, as well as caller ID for incoming calls. One swipe up on the arrow allows you to answer it without having to open up the cover. Get yours on HTC’s website for $50, and it comes in a variety of colorful options.

HTC Dot View

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