HOT Watch Is Essentially Your Smartphone In A Watch


There are some dreams that, even if technology seems to have left them behind, still linger. Your grandpa no doubt dreams of owning a real, working, Dick Tracy radio watch, for example. Well, the HOT Watch might not only fulfill his dreams, you might finally be able to get him to use a modern cell phone.

The Hands On Talk Watch is essentially a smartwatch that keeps you from having to haul out your phone every time you want to do something. It pairs with your phone via Bluetooth and then takes over. Need to check the weather quickly? Check your watch. Need to see if you got that important email? Check your watch.

The key selling point, though, is that Hands On Talk functionality. Linking to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you simply cup your hand over your ear. The watch uses that as an amplifier, so you can keep your side of the conversation private, or possibly pretend that you’re talking into your cuff-link like James Bond. Needless to say, if you need speakerphone, that’s also available, and of course you can see your text messages.

It’s also fairly stylish as these things go, which is really the main problem with smartwatches: Watches are as much a fashion accessory as a tool, sometimes moreso, and as a result they have to look really good. The HOT Watch comes in four different styles, Edge, Classic, Basic, and Curve, so if you’re picky about style at least you’ve got some choice.


While you can’t perform all the advanced functions of your smartphone on your watch, and there are several smartwatches on the market, the talk functionality and style variety make the HOT Watch stand out. Currently it’s up on Kickstarter ahead of a planned retail launch.

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