G-Shock’s Aviation Watches Can Withstand up to 15G Forces

If we ever set foot inside a fighter plane, there is a good chance that we’d lose our lunch and pass out as a result of the excessive G-Forces.  It’s a normal human reaction that really needs no explanation.  Fighter pilots, however, practice for this sort of thing, which means they’ll be able to stay awake long enough to tell the time and day of the week by reading G-Shock’s Aviation Collection watches.

There are a few models to choose one, but the GW4000D-1A seems to be the flagship of the bunch.  Nevertheless, they all boast the same spec set, which includes solar power, multi-band 6 Atomic time keeping, 1/100th second chronograph, and auto hand home position correction.  Cool, but to justify the watch’s namesake, you should probably know that they’ve been designed to withstand up to 15Gs.  To do this G-Shock used some sort of “alpha-gel belt around the module as well as adding a layer underneath it and by employing aluminum washers & oiled o-rings beneath the screw heads that secure the band to the case.”  So that G-Shock name, it now holds true to form.

The all black watch pictured above starts at $450, but you can get into one for as little as $280.

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