Free Nüdifier App Makes Your Friends Naked

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Updated June 27, 2022

nudifer app

Have you wanted to see your hot co-worker naked or wondered what your best friend looked like with no clothes? Well now you can with the Nüdifier App that allows you to make your friends stark naked! The app was featured as Gizmodo’s “App of the Day” and is easy to use and highly addictive since it makes the “mysterious and previously high-cost process of Nüdification available to everyone.” For a limited time, it’s free in the iOS App Store and promises to turn any picture into a sexy naked photo (so its description says). The app is supposed to allow you to take any photo and hide an area with ‘nudified’ pixels, creating the impression of something that you really shouldn’t be allowed to see. But it doesn’t just work with your friends and can also work inanimate objects and pets (even though they are already technically “naked”). Just don’t use it on any family members, because who wants to see their mom naked…Gross! For your own photography needs, you should also read our review of the Camera A+B app wirelessly connects your iPhone’s camera to the iPad.


Christen da Costa Profile image